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5 Ways to Prevent Heartburn

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The older you get, the more often you’ll notice yourself getting heartburn. It’s that burning feeling in your chest when you get acid reflux.

It might take you by surprise, but it’s nothing alarming! Besides the discomfort, heartburn is usually manageable with lifestyle changes and appropriate medication.

However, it’s crucial to take note of its frequency. Frequent heartburn implies you have a medical condition that requires treatment.

If you don’t experience it often, you can try out these five tips to prevent heartburn. Let’s start!

1. Identify the Triggers

Some of the most common triggers of heartburn are acidic, spicy, and fatty foods. Pay extra attention to which meals you consume when you experience heartburn.

If food isn’t a problem, it might be due to your current weight, lifestyle, or other habits.

2. Adjust Your Meal Habits

Other than the food, your eating habits could cause heartburn. Eating in large portions will make you feel stuffed. It causes your stomach to stretch and move stomach acids in the wrong direction.

At the same time, greasy and fatty food stays in your system longer. It results in higher acid production, leading to potential acid reflux. The more acid your stomach produces, the more irritated it gets.

Smaller meal portions and a better diet can make a difference in how you feel. It improves your health as a whole too!

3. Give Yourself Time to Digest

It’s vital to give your stomach enough time to digest your meal. Here are the heartburn solutions for this cause.

Eat earlier, at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Make sure not to lie down immediately after meals.

You can also consider doing physical activities to help with quicker digestion. But remember that too much movement will encourage acid reflux, so be wary of the intensity.

Another method is sitting upright or standing. That way, gravity helps keep acid out of your throat while you digest the food.

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight makes you prone to heartburn and acid reflux because of pressure from extra body fat. While it’s easier said than done, it helps to keep your weight within the healthy bracket.

Most recommend working on your weight while strategizing meals and eating habits. By doing so, you can keep your weight in check and prevent heartburn at once!

5. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking also contribute to heartburn. These contain ingredients that could weaken the muscle in charge of stomach acid. Those acids can make their way up, triggering heartburn.

If these heartburn causes result in frequent experiences, contact a professional for help. Visit here to read about heartburn medication and know which are safe to consume.

Prevent Heartburn With These Helpful Tips

Heartburn can lead to severe medical complications if you fail to manage it. Follow these tips to prevent heartburn!

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