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5 Ways to Find a New Job

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A phenomenon took hold of the job market in 2021, coined forever as “The Great Resignation.” That is because 47.4 million people quit their jobs voluntarily.

A recent survey suggests that 55% of hourly workers say they are currently looking to find a new job to get a pay increase.

Whether you are hourly, salary, or interested in roles that are in person or remote, the job market is competitive. Finding work is tough. In fact, it may feel like looking for work is a full-time job itself!

If you are looking to get hired, you came to the right place. In this article, you will learn ways to find a job in today’s post-pandemic job market. Keep reading for the details.

1. Networking

They call it the “hidden” job market because you cannot find it on job boards or career sites. Some employers do not advertise some of the best job opportunities. Rather, they find candidates from word of mouth and referrals which can come from friends, old co-workers, old bosses, etc.

2. Job Fairs

Job fairs are great, but you will need to do a little research before you attend. Some job fairs are general, and some are targeted. Check to see if they will have jobs in your desired industry.

Study the job fair’s website or promotional flyer so that you know which companies will be there. This will help you come prepared for the event.

When you attend the job fair, you must treat every conversation you have as a mini interview. Bring a stack of resumes with you, too.

Is your resume up-to-date? You want your resume to sell you as the best job candidate. If you are unsure, seek the help of professional resume services before sending another resume to a potential employer.

3. Headhunters and Recruiters

If you are struggling on your own to find work, consider enlisting help from a professional.

Some employers only make hires through the help of a recruitment agency because it is how they can better streamline their internal processes. The employer doesn’t have to advertise their job openings and sift through all responding job applications.

Headhunters fill vacancies for employers through active recruitment tactics.

4. Temporary Employment

Some employers can get burned by too many new hires not working out, so they are hesitant to hire. When this happens, instead of hiring a candidate full-time, an employer would rather hire a worker temporarily to vet them out.

5. Social Media

To find a new job, LinkedIn is the best social media platform. You can use Facebook and Twitter too, but spend a lot of time leveraging LinkedIn to find work. LinkedIn lets you find job openings all over the world.

When using social media to get hired, here are a few quick tips. Use your real name and only show positive, professional images of yourself.

Find a New Job

It’s challenging to find a new job, but it is not impossible. Don’t give up! If your current strategy is not generating results, it is important that you try some or all the methods in this article.

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