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5 Varicose Vein Myths Debunked

Varicose Vein Myths Debunked

If you have bulging, blue blood vessels in your legs, you may have heard that they are unsightly but don’t result in any overt symptoms. Well, that’s not true. Varicose veins are one of the top causes of skin damage, and in worst cases, they can lead to life-threatening blood clots. Here are other varicose veins myths you should know.

Myth 1: Surgery is the only treatment option for varicose veins

The days of vein stripping are long gone. Today, there are minimally invasive procedures such as venaseal and endothermal ablation that won’t leave scars and are effective in eliminating varicose veins. According to Advanced Vein Therapy, one of the top varicose vein treatment facilities in Boise Idaho, mild varicose veins can be treated by an experienced dermatologist using non-invasive techniques such as sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Myth 2: Bulging veins are always an inevitable sign of aging

The aging process worsens twisted veins, but not every aging individual gets them. Note that young people can get varicose veins too. For instance, if there are members of your family battling with varicose veins, you may end up with the same problem. This is because in this case, the cause is majorly genetic.

Variations in hormone levels may also come into play as one of the risk factors for bulging, twisted veins. According to experts, your risk can be worse, particularly by pregnancy.

Myth 3. Varicose veins affect women only

Though varicose veins are very common in women, men can get them too. Approximately 25{513a3ea69a8cae3f840e741769adf77c903b3c1df0ea138a612732eb2180f483} of women have visible bulging, twisted veins compared to 10{513a3ea69a8cae3f840e741769adf77c903b3c1df0ea138a612732eb2180f483} to 15{513a3ea69a8cae3f840e741769adf77c903b3c1df0ea138a612732eb2180f483} of men. As these numbers suggest, more women than men are likely to get varicose veins. But being a man doesn’t make you bulging vein-proof. You can still get them.

Myth 4: Running is one of the causes of varicose veins

Regular exercise, including running, is always a good thing for your vein health. It enhances circulation and can lead to more calf-muscle pumping and more of your blood returning to your heart from lower parts of your body.

Being a regular runner, according to doctors, does not cause varicose veins. However, there is a controversy about whether or not running can make already existing varicose veins worse. It is recommended to wear compression stockings when running in case you have varicose veins. If you haven’t been treated and you want to exercise, compression is important. Also, when cooling off after workouts, it is wise to elevate your legs.

Myth 5: Changing your lifestyle can’t help

Your lifestyle matters. For instance, obesity worsens bulging vein and that means getting down to a healthy weight level can help ease the challenges associated with varicose veins. Becoming more physically active will also be helpful. Remember, using compression stockings, perform calf-strengthening exercises, and keeping your legs elevated when resting can prevent or ease the varicose vein symptoms.

Lastly, some people still think that varicose veins can be cured. Well, the truth is that different treatment options are effective but these bulging veins might reoccur.

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