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5 Useful Ideas for Extra Storage Spaces in Your Home

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Imagine going to your kitchen and looking for a particular pot that you need, only to find that it’s in the back of your cabinet. Are you having trouble visualizing this? If your answer is yes, you need extra storage space.

This might be the time to take a hard look at the entire area and start clearing the clutter. After all, you need your home to be functional, not another stockroom crisis!

Keep reading to learn ideas about your home’s top extra storage spaces. Let’s get started!

1. Create a Mudroom Space

This can be built by adding high-quality storage solutions to your hallway space, such as shelves, coat hooks, and a shoe rack. You could also use the area underneath the stairs to organize seasonal items, like camping gear and holiday decorations.

Also, using a storage bench in the mudroom is a great way to keep jackets, backpacks, and other items organized. With creativity and enough storage units, your mudroom space can become a beautiful and practical feature in your home.

2. Add Shelves to the Walls

Shelving comes in a wide range of styles and sizes, mostly found at home improvement stores. In addition, consider adding tall bookshelves in your living room for extra book storage.

If you have an office, add racks for papers and office accessories to the walls. Additionally, you can install frames in the bedroom for a neat way to store your clothing, bedding, and other items.

Lastly, shelves can also be used in the kitchen for canned goods, small appliances, and other kitchen items.

3. Use the Ceiling for Storage

Using your ceiling is a great way to use unused, higher-up spaces in our homes. This is an often overlooked area for storage due to its height. Additionally, this can be helpful in small bedrooms or smaller, less-storage-friendly apartments.

For instance, hanging baskets from the ceiling can be used to put anything from plants to pantry items and other small items. Finally, you can insert hooks and rings to hang bikes, tools, and other objects.

4. Utilize the Corners

Corners are often the forgotten, hidden space in any room. But they can be a versatile solution to declutter any living space. For a home office setup, you may position corner desks or a corner armoire to house items or simply for decorations.

In kitchens or bathrooms, cabinets or shelves can store towels, cleaning supplies, or other flatware. With a little artistry, possibilities for extra space in your home’s corners are endless.

5. Build a Small Storage Shed

Small storage sheds can also provide more room in a convenient area. You can also keep them tucked away in your backyard or patio. Additionally, these sheds provide more security for your items, protecting them from thieves or the weather.

Moreover, it will also add a unique look to your home and increase your home value. So, if you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor storehouse, click for small storage sheds to help you get started today!

Top Ideas for Creating Extra Storage Spaces in Your Home

Using the ideas provided here, you should now have a head start on finding the best extra storage spaces for your home. From using forgotten places like the back of a door to taking advantage of vertical spaces, you’re sure to find solutions that work for you.

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