5 Types Of Cocktail Dresses That Are Perfect For Every Special Occasion

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There are different dresses for different occasions, which are commonly called cocktail functions. But these functions are generally held in the afternoon or evening. In 1948, Christian Dior was the first to label cocktail dresses as “business casual dress.” These dresses are considered to be more high-end and a dress with etiquette. They are elegant, stylish yet formal, and classy.

Perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion, which is made with care and fine material. The guide to finding your perfect dress is to know your body shape and size. Each dress sits differently on different body shapes, so find one that will flatter your body curves and enhance them. These come in different styles such as A-line, lace, chiffon, skater, etc. Here are some of the styles which are the most popular of all.

1.         The OG Black Dress

It is the dress that started it all, the black dress. This kind of dress is the favorite of all, and everyone adores it. Every woman has admitted to wearing this kind of dress in a lifetime. It is a perfect mixture of casual with style and elegance. These are appropriate for any special occasion, and often celebrities are seen styling them. These are perfect for wedding functions, red carpet events, and family functions. Plus, the best about that it flatters the body of plus-size women, making them look more elegant.

2.         The Strapless Dress

The strapless dress is often seen in multiple dresses, but it looks the most adorable with cocktail dresses. The flowy bottom part with the strapless top gives an illusion of a princess, which all women love. Choose the dress with embellishments and lace detailing with ruffles, making the dress love even better. This dress will suit almost any body type, as it will accentuate a women’s curves.

3.         The A-Line Dress

The A-line dress has been in style since the 19th century, yet it is considered classy and elegant. In today’s scenario, how you accessorize with the attire is the most crucial thing. It also gives you the space to choose from your selected neckline and strap preferences. One can style this dress in multiple with various shoes and bags.

4.         The Lace Dress

A lace dress is a women’s favorite dress type. No dress can be compared to the class and elegance of this dress. It is a sleek and sexy dress, with an elegant neckline and sleeves. One can choose the sleeves of the dress, whether it should be of lace or not. The lace dress is a perfect mixture of elegance and boldness in cocktail dresses. The lace is very versatile and can be adorned with different embellishments.

5.         The Blingy Dress

The bling in this dress will add all the shine to your outfit. The embellishments embedded in this dress are stunning, which makes the person gains more attention. There is no lie that blingy dresses are perfect for night occasions and, when paired perfectly, will be unique.

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