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5 Tips to Help Get Your Kids Ready for School in Record Time

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Did you know that kids begin forming explicit childhood memories around the two-year mark? Even then, the majority of memories are still implicit until age seven.

Forgetfulness in kids is common which is why you have to help them with certain tasks that include getting ready for school.

If you have trouble getting your children out of the door in record time, this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn five ways to get kids ready for school realistically fast.

1. Start the Night Before

Parents can help their children get ready for school the night before. Jumpstart the morning routine by planning ahead.

Before bedtime, have your child bathe, pick out an outfit, and go over the schedule for the next day. This should involve checking that homework, books, and other school materials are packed and ready to go.

Even if your child has school uniforms (learn more about that now), have them set out their outfit for easy access the next day.

Once your child is in bed, you can start making lunches and snacks so you don’t have to the following morning.

2. Follow a Morning Routine

Getting ready for school in record time involves following a morning routine. This can help you make every day as predictable as possible.

Create a routine that fits you and your children’s lifestyle. It could look something like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Wash face
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Get dressed
  5. Brush teeth
  6. Leave for school

You can also create a picture schedule to help the day roll out easier for kids.

3. Stay Organized

If you have a get ready for school morning checklist, you are already more organized than those who do not. However, the organization involves designated spots for certain items as well.

If you and your children don’t know where something is in the morning, it can be difficult to leave the house on time. A child getting ready for school is not always organized, so be sure to help them with designated areas.

Gathering school supplies and clothing the night before can also aid in keeping your kids organized.

4. Pay Attention to the Clock

Learning how to get ready for school on time is easier when you have a clock in your face. Place clocks around the home to stay on schedule. They should be in the kitchen, in your child’s room, and even in the bathroom.

By keeping clocks visible, you can help your child manage time while they get ready for school.

You can also give your child a management countdown to further teach them the importance of scheduling and being on time.

5. Do a Double-Check

Have your child re-check that everything is packed before you leave the house. This way you won’t have to run to the school later to drop off something that they forgot.

Younger kids find it easier to remember books and materials with a song or phrase. Lists are another good idea that helps with double-checking.

Get Ready for School in Record Time

If you want to help your kids get ready for school in record time, starting the night before and creating a routine are the best tips to follow.

With a routine, you can stay organized, stay on track of time, and help your kids learn time management on their own. After a while, younger kids will get the hang of it and create good morning habits of their own.

Use this guide this school year and come back for more tips like this on our website.

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