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5 Tips for Preparing Your Property for a Hail Storm

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Did you know that hail damages more than 6 million US properties yearly? Hail is the costliest weather-related hazard in the United States. It can cause damaging effects on property and vehicles.

If you live in an area prone to hail storm, you know how damaging they can be. The energy within a hailstone is extreme, and it can inflict heavy property damage. While you can’t prevent a storm, you have some options to protect your property.

Preparing your property is one of the essential tips to fight hail damage. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your property’s hail damage prevention plan.

1. Identifying Areas of Your Property at Risk

Identifying areas of your property at risk in a hail storm is essential in preparing your property for a potential hailstorm. Roofs are particularly vulnerable to hail damage. Inspect your roof visually and consider hiring a licensed roofer to inspect it.

Ensure that your gutters, skylights, windows, and doors are sealed properly, and replace any cracked glass with storm windows. Check your siding and fill any gaps or cracks that may have developed with time. Remove or cover any outdoor furniture, decorations, or plants. Trim any low-hanging branches or weak trees.

2. Evaluating Your Property

Evaluating your property is an essential step in preparing for a hail storm. Begin by looking for any existing damage that could be vulnerable to hail. Check for missing, broken, or cracked shingles, significantly sloping roofs, and other potential weaknesses in your roofing.

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3. Establishing Protective Measures

Establishing protective measures will help to prepare your property for a hail storm. Start by protecting the roof by using rubberized roof coating and by covering exposed shingles with plastic sheeting or a tarp. Also, secure any patio furniture and plants before the storm approaches to avoid having them tossed around.

Cover plants with a tarp or blanket to protect them from damage. Trim trees, remove dead branches and tie down trees if necessary. Clear debris from around the property, as debris can act as a projectile during strong winds.

4. Maintenance and Inspections

One of the best ways to prepare your property for a hail storm is to take proper maintenance and inspection steps before the storm. It’s essential to routinely inspect roofs, siding, and windows for cracks or other evidence of wear and tear.

Ensure that your roof shingles are in good condition and properly sealed, as hail can cause damage to shingles without them being adequately secured. Taking proactive maintenance and inspection steps can help minimize the effects of any hail storm your property may encounter.

5. Investing in Hail-Resistant Materials

When investing in hail-resistant materials, such as metal or tile roofing, for your property before a hail storm, ensure careful consideration of the materials and their durability. They should be designed to meet your specific needs and properly installed. Develop an emergency plan that includes backup generators, gas-powered equipment, and other essentials.

These steps will help you prepare your property for a hail storm and guarantee that your home is adequately protected.

Plan Ahead for Hail Storm

In conclusion, these tips for preparing your property for a hail storm can help minimize the potential damage that can be caused. Formulating a plan and following this guide is essential to ensure you are ready for a hail storm.

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