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5 Tips for Decluttering Your Mobile Device

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If you’ve got kids or can’t resist the temptation to click on every new app that you see, you’ve probably run into this issue. It’s a problem turning your mobile device into a bloated disaster of unwanted notifications and wasted space. 50% of people already don’t follow the most straightforward piece of advice for speeding things up, turning it on and off again.

While that joke-like default IT response can sometimes help, the reason for poor phone performance or shortened smartphone battery life goes a little deeper. With that in mind, let’s read through our five decluttering tips.

1. Removing Apps You Don’t Use

We’re all guilty of installing too many unnecessary apps, and many of us are guilty of forgetting to remove them. If you want to start cleaning up your phone, this is the place to start. You’ll be surprised as you scroll through your apps how many you forgot you even had.

2. Organize Your Home Screen

If you’ve got a mess of icons all over your home screen, get started on your decluttering by grouping them up. Whether you’re on an android device or an iPhone, you should be able to make folders to categorize your icons. This also helps with the above tip, as you’ll see which apps you use most.

3. Save Your Camera Reel Elsewhere

Even though it’s nice to have all of our pictures handy right there on our phones, they can take up a lot of mobile space. This is especially true if you’re the type to use your phone camera frequently since you’ll have potential years worth of photographs.

Copy them onto another device, or use something like an iPhone data recovery tool if you’re not sure how.

4. Make Your Mobile Device Less Annoying

You aren’t the only one that gets disturbed when your phone pings you with another unnecessary notification. Having your phone in a constant state of awareness of notifications will waste battery life. Besides, do you need to know that someone has posted on their social media at 3 am?

5. Use Streaming Services or Cloud Storage

Not many people keep music or movies on their cell phones anymore since most of us have mobile data, but this is a great way to declutter if you do. You can use streaming services to satisfy your musical needs, and you have the added benefit of clearing a ton of space off your phone.

If you still need access to some of the files you are removing from your phone, you can also consider cloud storage solutions!

Extend the Life of Your Phone

Your mobile device doesn’t have to be old or on death’s door to need a declutter. Even if it’s relatively new, ensuring it isn’t drowning with unnecessary apps and space-consuming files will keep it healthy for longer.

If you’d like more tech help to preserve your precious phone’s lifespan, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading more of our articles for more great tech tips and advice!

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