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5 Tips for a Quick Home Sale

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The average time to sell a house in the United States is 55 to 70 days. However, it can take much longer if you don’t take the necessary steps for a quick home sale.

If you’re wondering how to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the best price, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these five hot tips for a quick home sale.

1. Get Yourself an Excellent Real Estate Agent

A fast home sale is rarely possible without a killer real estate agent in your corner. You need someone who knows all the ins and outs, tips and tricks, and success secrets of selling a home.

A good real estate agent will organize expert photographs, write an irresistible listing, and have the charisma to host home viewings. Hire an experienced real estate agent who knows the market and knows the steps to take for a quick sale.

2. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

You know how the saying goes — first impressions are everything. Curb appeal is your home’s exterior, the first thing that a potential buyer sees. This includes the physical structure, the yard, the street, etc.

Boosting curb appeal ensures that a buyer arrives at your property interested in seeing more. Give the exterior of your home a new lick of paint, as well as the front door. Tidy the yard and street, removing debris and trash. Ensure the windows are clean and consider some light landscaping to make an attractive yard.

3. Depersonalize the Property

It’s important to remember that you’re selling your property, not your home. Prospective buyers need to be able to envision what the property would look like as their home. If the house is full of personal items and family pictures it may be difficult for buyers to envisage themselves in the space.

While depersonalizing is important, ensure that you don’t stage the house to look completely impersonal or generic. There should be a homey feel without it feeling too personal.

4. Clean Everything

This may seem like an obvious tip on a fast home sale, yet it can be a deal-breaker for potential buyers and is often overlooked. Absolutely every nook and cranny in your house should be sparkly clean before house viewings.

A dirty house is a quick way to send buyers straight out of the door. Invest in a deep cleaning service to make sure everything is impeccable and neat.

5. Lean Into House Staging Trends

Selling your home quick depends on how well you can appeal to prospective buyers’ preferences. While everyone has their own quirks, there are some definite trends that you can take advantage of.

For example, house plants are all the rage at the moment, and adding some to your home will appeal to many buyers. The same goes for sprucing up or adding in a home office. Check out more of these trends here for a fast sale.

Ready for a Quick Home Sale?

You’re officially armed with the five best tips and tricks for a quick home sale. A little attention to detail and some small adjustments to stage your home properly will go a long way.

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