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5 Times Toys Can Make Parenting Easier Than You Imagined

Not all toys are equally created. Some are loud, obnoxious, and terribly downright. Others are designed to save you from the tedious task of being a parent. The point here is that you need to choose toys cleverly for kids to make your life a bit easier. With that, we’ve rounded up some suggestions for toys you can use to keep your little ruckus occupied:

For toddlers who really hates the stroller

Are you tired of pushing strollers containing kids’ soccer goals and other things you purchased while carrying the little monster? You are not alone.  There are some kids who prefer to feel the warm comfort of your arms rather than sitting on the push carts. They’d like to see and hear overwhelming sights while you hug them.  Other kids just miss being held or simply got bored.

While you won’t surely consider shopping for marathons with your toddlers soon, it is advisable to bring toys to keep them engaged temporarily.

For toddlers difficult to change their diapers

Messy is the right word to describe the way toddlers behave every time parents change their diaper. This is particularly true once they already know how to kick and roll.  Why not try to keep them calm through music? Turn on your musical toy which has buttons that will make his/her hands busy.

For toddlers who love get from his high chair during lunch

As parents, we’d love to see them grow and learn. Nothing beats the feeling of witnessing personally when they first find out how to sip their cup, mash their fruits, and ate their desserts.

But once they are over-doing this, it only means that your tot is already done eating and wanted to get out from the high chair. To get more time so you and your other family members can finish your lunch, bring toys tailored to stick along with the high chair.

For short-tempered toddlers

If you are not the good in handling short-tempered tots, then you’ll have a big problem once you go to church or attend a birthday party.  Though you can always hope for the best (that their tantrums won’t stop), still you should prepare yourself anytime they lose their control over their voice volume.  Because it’s not that efficient and safe to give them a lollipop yet, you can try to hand them over a colorful teether toy.

For screeching little guys every time they travel

Are you going to another place with your kiddo? If it’s a long hour of the trip, you need something that will occupy his or her mind during the journey. Aside from finger foods and children’s channel, bring his/her favorite toy from Step2 Direct. You can reintroduce that to him/her during your flight. Bring something that is not too noisy.

Toddlers are unpredictable. So, we should all understand that parenting is a trial-and-error task. What works for other parents doesn’t necessarily work for you. You need to find something along the way that suits your kid’s needs and preferences based on the situation and what can keep them busy.

Be tactful in dealing with your parenthood. That’s the secret!

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