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5 Things You Should Know About Guardian Angels

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There are few things more comforting than knowing that you have a personal protector watching over you in your everyday life. Whether it’s our parents, a loved one, or our friends.

But whether you realize it or not, you also have a spiritual protector that is always with you as well. These Guardian Angels go by many names depending on your location and faith, but the reality is that everyone, no matter who you are, has one watching over you.

In this article, we’ll tell you 5 things you should know about your Guardian Angel.

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1. Your Guardian Angel is Always Nearby

Guardian Angels go by many names depending on your religion or nation, but no matter who you are, you have a Guardian Angel looking over you. These spiritual beings were assigned to you before you were born and will be with you long after death.

If you think back to moments in your life, you’ll likely remember a time when you felt like you were being guided by a higher power to make a particular decision or not. This is you feeling your Guardian Angel’s presence.

But it’s important to note that your Guardian Angel isn’t just here to protect you from all discomfort or make life easy for you. They guide you toward your full potential by allowing you to tap into your spiritual self.

2. There Is a Hierarchy For Angels

An important thing to note is that Guardian Angels aren’t the spirit of a dead human being. In fact, they were never human beings.

There is some debate about the different groups of angels. For instance, Dionysius the Areopagite (c. AD 500) believed there were three different groups of angels, including the seraphim, the highest of the choir of heaven, and the angels, who were meant to bring messages to humans.

However, this doesn’t exactly line up with Scripture. The Bible tells us that there are angels and archangels, some of whom lead angelic armies.

But several different passages in the bible also point towards the existence of Guardian Angels, particularly Matthew 18:10, which implies there was an entire class of angels meant to protect the “little ones.”

There is some debate as to who your personal Guardian Angel is. Some people think that there are Archangels that are connected to our birth date. Others believe we have a personal angel whose sole task is to watch over us during our lifetimes.

3. You Can Get in Touch With Your Guardian Angel

Once you begin to learn more about your Guardian Angel, you’ll likely be curious if they had ever visited you before, or how you can find signs of their appearance in the future. It’s not uncommon for them to leave “signs” for people who are actively looking for them.

Here are a couple of signs that can look for:

  • Try to be aware of your dreams, as your Guardian Angel can appear in different ways, like numerology or symbolism
  • If you suddenly feel like you’re not alone, it could mean your Guardian Angel is nearby
  • If it seems like an animal or a baby can see something that isn’t visible, it could be a sign that an angel is nearby

If you’d like to get closer to your Guardian Angel, there are other steps that you can take to become more in touch with them.

For example, try to get in touch with nature. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and gather energy in the peace and quiet of the woods, mountains, or ocean. Get rid of any restrictions on your body, like socks, watches, or hats, and try to feel the natural flow of energy.

Meditation is the next step. Try to clear your mind. The clearer you are, the more likely you can put yourself in a position to access your spirituality.

Finally, you can pray to your Guardian Angel. You can even repeat the line “who is my Guardian Angel?” as a direct question to them. They may or may not reveal themselves to you.

4. You Can Learn Unique Things About Guardian Angels

Not only can you learn your Guardian Angel’s name, but you can learn other unique qualities about them.

For example, you can learn their communication style with you. There are different spiritual beings that you might come into contact with throughout your life, like other angels, deceased relatives, or spirit guides, but they are all unique in how they communicate.

They will give you different types of guidance and support to help lead you through life. They also have different levels of energy that show their connection to our world.

5. There Are Steps You Can Take to Find Your Guardian Angel

Anything important that is worth fighting for in life usually involves a journey of some kind finding your Guardian Angel is no different. There are several signs that they may be leaving for you that you may or may not have realized.

Although it might seem like something that might be “up to chance,” there are actually specific approaches that you can take that can help you come closer to the spiritual being that is watching over you.

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Connect With Your Spirituality

Those five facts are important things to understand to begin your journey to Guardian Angels. Whether you realize it or not, you have someone in your corner watching over you.

Being able to understand them and communicate with them on another level is a great way to open your mind and become more in touch with yourself and your spirituality.

The search doesn’t end there. Check out our other articles to learn how to become more in touch with yourself!

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