5 Things You Must Know About Street Art Prints

5 Things You Must Know About Street Art Prints

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Recently, street art has become the art to express and show protest. It is not only about spray painting on the streets or bus stands. Nowadays, one can find street art in tags to murals everywhere. Once, people considered street art as a mischievous timepass, but due to its growing popularity, these have become the best Street Art Prints to decorate a home. Some famous street artists include Keith Haring, Jean- Michel Basquiat, Stik, Banksy, and many more. If you are unfamiliar with the art form, this blog will help you brush up on Street Art Prints knowledge.

Five Things To Know About The Street Art Prints

·      Graffiti And Street Art Are Not The Same.

Graffiti art includes spray painting and is popularly known to carry a can of the stuff. On the other hand, street artists create their artwork on different media.

·      Street Art Is Easy To Imitate

Street arts are easy to duplicate, so consult a specialist before buying any best Street Art Prints. It is essential to match the catalog, especially for the street art prints, or compare the work with other artist work of the same edition.

·      Know The Community

Street art is the latest art form, so it’s crucial to know the history of the art. Most people need to be aware of the difference between Graffiti and street art. Recently people have been most interested in pop culture art.

·      Size Matters

Artist creates Street art for walls, sidewalks, the basement, etc. So they are not for personal spaces. Many artists make the same version of some famous street works. Mostly they create these versions in tiles, murals, canvases, toys, screens, etc. Therefore people can buy such art pieces to decorate their homes or keep them in the gallery.

·      Scribbles Have A Meaning

As an art lover, you must notice some art patterns and themes. A particular artist sticks to specific ways as a signature style to get recognition worldwide. Street artist also follows certain pieces and designs to build a signature style for themself. So if you want to buy the best Street Art Prints, you should consider the collaboration of artists and their styles.


We witness a shift of art from paper and canvas to walls of subways, pavement, and sidewalks. Street Art is becoming famous worldwide both in distinction and status. So if you are an art lover, keep a collection of street art prints in your gallery.

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