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5 Things to Know If You Want to Visit Morocco

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There’s a special kind of allure for people who want to visit Morroco, the only African country that sits entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. And it’s not just the delicious food or exotic clothing.

The culture is also enticing. Morocco is also a beautiful mix of the familiar and completely unfamiliar. There are enough Western-type comforts, but it still manages to feel like a different world.

So do you want to join the 3.2 million tourists that arrived in the country in June and July 2022 alone? If you do, below are a few travel tips you’ll need to know.

1. Must-Have Documents Before You Go

You need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your travel date. You will also need a visa, which can be purchased upon arrival, but it’s best to get it before you depart. Make sure you have copies of your passport and visa information in case of an emergency.

Proof of your return ticket or an onward ticket is also required. And if you plan on visiting Morocco for longer than 90 days, you’ll be required to obtain a residence permit.

2. Packing Tips for Visiting Morocco

Start by bringing items that will help keep you warm due to the varying temperatures between day and night. Layering is best, as you may need to adjust to the warmth throughout the day.

Bring a sunhat and sunglasses, as the sun can be intense during the summer, and temperature-appropriate sleepwear and shoes. You’ll want lightweight, airy clothing made from natural or breathable fabrics.

To respect Moroccan traditions and culture, wearing modest, non-revealing clothing is recommended in public areas.

3. Helpful Advice for Finding Accommodations in Morocco

From hostels to hotels, there’s a range of accommodation choices to fit any budget. You can even rent apartments and check these villas for rent if you’re interested.

You should also know what kind of amenities you can expect, with air-conditioning and hot water being the top considerations. Knowing what services are offered and the room quality is key.

4. A Guide to Appreciating the Culture and People of Morocco

Learn a few basic words of the local language. Moroccan Arabic is the most popular and you’ll find locals are more welcoming if you put a little effort into using the language.

You should also be humble. Boasting and ostentatious behavior isn’t appreciated in Morocco.

Respect their culture. This means being aware of your attire and being careful not to offend locals by pushing your own beliefs or religious views onto them.

And don’t be afraid to sample the local food—street vendors offer some of the most delicious dishes!

5. Morocco’s Rich History and Landmarks

The country is home to some of the oldest cultures in the world, including the Berbers and Phoenicians. There are also many fascinating archaeological sites and monuments from the centuries-old Islamic culture, as well as numerous Catholic or Muslim sites.

The most popular landmarks in Morocco are the impressive cities of Fes, Marrakesh, and Rabat. Morocco has many modern attractions as well, such as Atlas Mountain, the desert oasis of Merzouga, and the beaches in Essaouira.

Visit Morroco Now!

Visiting Morocco is both tantalizing and rewarding. Whether you’re after a sunny beach holiday or a whirlwind adventure off the beaten track, its diverse and unique cities, mesmerizing desert-scapes, and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit destination.

Start planning now and visit Morroco worry-free!

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