5 Things to Know Before Joining a Gun Club

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As an American, we have certain unalienable rights. One of these is our right to bear arms, and we have so many opportunities to exercise that right.

There’s shooting for sport, hunting, or simply going down to the gun range and letting a few off in a practice target. If you enjoy it enough you can even decide to join a gun club.

But before you make that decision, here are five things you need to know before you sign up to be a part of a gun club.

1. Always Follow Basic Firearm Safety

No matter where you are, whether it be a gun club, gun range, or even in the wilderness, always practice proper gun safety etiquette.

These rules include:

  • ALWAYS act as if your firearm is loaded.
  • Make sure to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re prepared to fire.
  • ALWAYS point the firearm in a safe direction; this means downrange or away from any and everyone. Otherwise, keep your gun holstered.

2. Know and Understand the Rules of the Club

In addition to the basic safety rules, the local club will have its own rules as well.

One example is that some clubs might have a protective dress code and might or might not require protective eyewear and earware. Others might have a restriction on the shell sizes that you might not be able to use on the range.

Be sure to adhere to these rules while you are at the club.

3. What Kinds of Ranges?

Essentially, there are two types of ranges: an indoor gun range and an outdoor range.

Indoor ranges have reinforced walls and ventilation for the smoke. However, they require eyewear and earware due to excess noise. They also might not allow higher caliber rounds and accommodate moving targets.

Outdoor ranges allow for the distance you can use higher calibers for, as well as moving targets. However, they are weather-dependent.

4. Know Your Firearms

Speaking of calibers, before going to a range, you should be aware of the calibers that are allowed at that range and which one you would prefer.

It’s recommended that you use a smaller firearm if it’s your first time, but not too small as they are more difficult to handle compared to a bigger gun that uses the same caliber.  Try not to hurt yourself trying to use a small firearm.

5. Have (Safe) Fun

Shooting firearms with your friends and/or family might be fun, but you still have to remember that firearms are dangerous weapons and there are still many risks involved with shooting even if it happens in a safe environment.

Join a Gun Club Today

Joining a gun club can be fun, but make sure you go there being well-versed in the necessary safety precautions, after all a gun is still a weapon.

However, you have a right to bear your arms and you should have the full ability to do so. Exercise your right today and join a gun club.

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