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5 Things to Include in Your Sewing Kit

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Sewing is an amazing hobby that, once you get into it, you can’t stop. It’s a productive, creative way to pass the time, and you have great satisfaction at the end of it.

But mistakes happen, and even the most experienced sewers have to reach into their sewing kit once in a while.

It’s good to have all the tools you need handy when those moments happen. Having a stocked sewing kit has all the necessary items for repairing common sewing mistakes.

Read on to learn more about what needs to be in your sewing kit.

1. Tape Measure For Sewing Kit

A tape measure is a key tool when starting a sewing project. When purchasing a new tape measure, be sure to check that it is made from high-quality flexible material and has clear and easily read markings. Depending on the type of project, the circumference of the tape measure should range from 60 inches to 120 inches.

A tape measure will also allow for marking measurements for pattern cutting and any adjustments needed before you start sewing.

2. Pinning and Marking

A pinning and marking kit is a stitching tool, a necessity for any seamstress. These pins should have a large and small head, a non-breakable spool, and a sharp needle point.

Pins help hold pieces of fabric in place before you sew them together, while tailor’s tacks can mark a seam allowance or indicate where a dart should be placed. A piece of chalk can draw faint lines on fabric that you can use as a guide when stitching.

3. Cutting Mats

It is useful for cutting different fabric types, but it also protects your cutting surface and lasts longer than a regular cutting board. When looking for a cutting mat, consider thickness and rigidity. Thinner mats can flex and warp with use over time and provide less stability when cutting.

Look for mats with a non-slip back for more stability and a wide range of sizes to suit your projects. With these tips, you’ll be sure to select the ideal cutting mat for your sewing kit.

4. Pair of Scissors

High-quality fabric scissors will allow you to achieve a professional look and clean, even cuts. Fabric scissors should also be exclusively used to cut fabric, as they will become dull if used to cut other materials. A pair of smaller embroidery scissors are also helpful for getting close to the fabric without cutting through it.

They can also be used for cutting away excess thread. Keeping a good pair of scissors in your sewing kit will ensure your projects look professional and polished.

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5. Thread

Having the right kind of thread to fit your sewing project, from lightweight fabrics to heavy upholstery is essential. When creating a basic sewing kit, it is important to make sure that you have a variety of colors and weights of thread.

It’s also important to use quality thread as this can directly affect the finished look of your garments or sewn products.

Must-Have Supplies To Ensure Successful Stitching

With the right tools and supplies, hand sewing can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity. Stocking your sewing kit with the right items will guarantee success. Start now and get creative with your sewing kit!

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