5 Telltale Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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Scientists have documented how dopamine and norepinephrine levels soar when we fall in love. That’s part of the chemistry involved in love and attraction.

In the search to find your soulmate, there’s an old saying, “When you know, you know.” But when you do find your perfect match, it can also be confusing since you’ve never felt this way before.

The science is great, but aren’t there any down-to-earth signs you’ve found your life partner? In fact, there are. Read on as we look at five of the top signs that mean you’ve found your perfect someone.

1. You Are Willing to Try New Things

You’ve always been “absolutely no way” about singing karaoke. The person you’re dating says come on, let’s try it. You say ok. That’s a telltale sign the celestial matchmaker has done a good job.

A soulmate gives you confidence in whatever you do. Soulmates bring out other strengths, traits, and skills you never knew you had. Singing in front of a crowd? No problem!

2. The Games Are Over

Finding your soulmate means you can put all the silly dating games behind you. Not that dramatic, romantic gestures aren’t fun – who doesn’t like their name written in the sky?

It means knowing – without a doubt – that you are the number one priority. No text games, no who’s going to call first contests. You know, through simple, consistent gestures like putting time together no matter what.

Your soulmate will always listen, always paying attention to what you are saying and feeling. To learn more about matchmaking for women, click here.

3. They Worry About Your Health

When someone wants to keep you around for the long haul, they want the healthiest you possible. That might mean challenging you to break some habits – like skipping that box of cookies while Netflix bingeing.

As long as you aren’t being forced to change who you truly are, having a soulmate concerned about your health is a win-win!

4. It’s OK to Disagree

When you think back over different partner options, remember when you were afraid to really express yourself? With a soulmate, that’s not the case.

Sure, it’s important to be in sync with the significant things – life goals and kids. But it’s equally important to be able to disagree about smaller things.

The ability to share your true feelings without worrying about damaging your relationship is critical to a strong relationship.

5. Talking in Code

Let’s say you have secret names for your friends or relatives or use nonsensical – to everyone else – words with your soulmate. That’s a good sign.

All of the rituals and quirks that go along with a solid relationship may seem silly to everyone else. But what they mean is that the two of you connect in ways no one else can.

Finding Your Soulmate Isn’t Science

Finding the right person to spend your life with isn’t about chemical levels. Instead, it’s about paying attention to a few simple signs like these. That’s the best way to know you’ve found your soulmate!

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