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5 Signs You Need New Car Tires

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Tires are often overlooked when it comes to a car’s worth, but they shouldn’t be! After all, a car’s tires are what make it possible for a car to move.

Keeping up on tire maintenance is important, but do you know all the signs to look for when it comes to your tires’ wear and tear?

New car tires cost good money so it’s important to know when you need them. Since tire replacement is no small purchase, it’s best to know the difference between when it’s time for tire maintenance and tire replacement.

1. The Car Shakes When You’re Driving

If you notice a new and unusual shake or vibration when you’re driving, that could be a sign that it’s time to get new tires.

Keep in mind it could be the road you’re driving on. If you’re driving on a familiar road and your car feels bumpier than usual, it’s probably your tires.

2. Your Tires Are Over 10 Years Old

In general, if you have had your tires for ten years, it’s time for new ones! In fact, while many tire company claims will say their tires will last for ten years, you will often need to change them before ten years is up.

If your tires are ten years old and fine, it was a good run but it’s best to invest in a new set of tires. Eventually, they will wear out and it’s better to beat that problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

Keep in mind that if you are driving on commercial tires for a truck you should double-check tire ear and tear and replace them sooner.

3. Your Tire Pressure Light Comes on Often

It’s normal for your tire pressure light to come on occasionally when your tires do need some air.

However, if you notice your tire pressure light turning on more than usual lately, it could be a sign that a tire or two needs replacing.

Examine and test the tire pressure on your tires, but be prepared to possibly replace a set.

4. You Notice Cracks

Just like the tread on your tires, the sidewalls of your tires will wear out as time passes.

While you’re performing regular auto maintenance and checks on your car, check the sidewalls of your tires.

Over time things like weather, incorrect alignment, and scraping against curbs when you park can wear down and damage your sidewalls.

5. You Fail the Penny Test

Here is one simple test to let you know if it’s time to find a tire company and new tires.

Take a penny and put it in a groove of your tire with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can still see part of Lincoln’s head, your tread is dangerously low.

That means it’s time to look into something like a mobile tyre service!

Learn About New Car Tires and More

Now you know five of the best ways to figure out if it’s time to invest in new car tires or not! Just remember these 5 tips as an easy way to stay on top of your tire maintenance.

For more about car maintenance and other modern topics, explore our technology page today!

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