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5 Signs You Are In Need of an AC Replacement

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Are you trying to decide if it’s time for an AC replacement? Each year, after installation, your AC unit loses 3 percent of its functioning efficiency. Poor functioning can cause a variety of problems inside your home.

We created a list of these potential AC problems to look out for inside your home. These problems can be commonly overlooked inside your home. Continue reading to learn more about when it’s time to replace your AC unit.

AC Unit Is Dispelling Warm Air

Your AC unit should not be dispelling warm air. Your air conditioner dispelling warm air is an indicator of a serious problem. Warm air indicates there are issues with the thermostat, filter, refrigerant, and so on.

These are crucial parts of an AC unit because they cannot function properly without these parts. If you want your AC to dispel cold air to maintain comfortable temperatures, a repairman needs to replace it.

AC Unit Gives Off Odor

A well-functioning AC unit puts out clean, healthy air to enhance your home’s comfort. Your AC unit should not cause your house to smell. If there is an ill odor, this indicates there is a problem with the cooling system.

Another smell coming from an AC unit that requires immediate attention is burning or smoking odors. This may indicate that your home is in danger. Both scenarios need an AC replacement.

AC Unit Is Loud

An AC unit is not loud. The noise should be hardly noticeable in your everyday life. Noise can be a telling sign of how healthy your AC unit is for your home.

Squeaking, grinding, and other noises indicate there is a problem with the AC unit. These noises can be an indicator of an aging AC, an issue with the motor, and so on.

AC Unit Is Impacting Your Utility Bill

If you notice a change in your utility bill, such as your electricity, your AC may be the problem. A poorly functioning AC unit will cause you to pay more for electricity.

Common problems for rising bills include leaks, a broken thermostat, and so much more. Replacing your AC unit as soon as you notice the price increase will help you save money in the long run.

AC Unit Reaches Lifespan Expectancy

If your AC is over ten years old, it might be time to install a new unit to maintain proper functioning inside your home. An average AC unit can last up to fifteen years with proper maintenance.

If the AC did not have proper maintenance, it might be time to consult with a local AC repairman. They may be able to offer your Goodman HVAC systems found here. Doing this will help you avoid the loss of your entire HVAC system.

Learn More About AC Replacement

There are many AC unit issues to look out for in your home. We hope this list helped you decide if you need to replace your AC unit.

If you’re interested in learning more about AC replacement, check out our other blogs. We cover a variety of topics to keep our readers informed about topics they care about.

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