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5 Signs It’s Time to Change Schools

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Chores. Sports practice. Concerts. Volunteers.

If you’re like most parents of tweens, you’ve got a busy, jam-packed schedule for your kid. And that means making every second of their day count.

But as you sit down to map out the year ahead, you can’t escape the nagging question. Is it time to change schools?

Let’s explore the many factors that might be tipping the scales for your tween and signal change is necessary for a happier, healthier home. Read on!

1. Making Learning Unenjoyable

Unenjoyable learning can manifest itself in many ways, such as a lack of enthusiasm for certain classes or subjects, decreased interest in attending school, or being overwhelmed by the amount of coursework and associated tasks.

Identifying unenjoyable learning through both external and internal means can give students and parents an indication that it’s time to begin exploring other community college options.

Research and speaking to other parents whose children attend different schools can help in making an informed decision about whether to change colleges.

Ultimately, it’s in the best interest of students to find an environment where learning is not only enjoyable, but leads to academic, social, and emotional growth.

2. Absence of Positive Motivation

If a student is feeling unmotivated or uninspired by their current school environment, it may be time to pursue alternative educational possibilities. This could be anything from a new school to a new educational program or course of study.

If a student is experiencing diminished enthusiasm and energy when they go to school, it’s likely time to search for a different school that will give them the positive reinforcement and guidance they need.

3. Overdue Curriculum Requirements

It’s a serious concern when a school cannot provide the educational standards that are necessary for a student’s success. If a student attends a school that is behind in the times, not only will test scores lag behind, but the student may miss out on key elements of the educational experience.

Additionally, if a student is in a program where the school attempts to cram too much into a few months, it can be overwhelming or dangerous. That’s why considering community college transfers can be an option.

4. Disconnection to Peers and Teachers

If they feel unconnected to the other students and are constantly outside of activities and conversations, it can be difficult to feel part of the school community.

Similarly, if the student finds it difficult to communicate and form bonds with their teachers, they may feel isolated and less interested in learning.

A lack of enthusiasm for learning, a lack of trust in the school and staff, or an overall sense of apathy might be solid indicators that a new school would be beneficial.

5. Growing Repetition and Dullness

Most of us need the inspiration to keep ourselves and our studies alive, and staying in the same school can become a monotonous cycle.

Another school could provide new opportunities to explore different extracurricular activities, or the chance to join friends at a different school.

Change Schools Starting Today

Considering to change schools can be a difficult decision, but if you are faced with any of the signs above, it may be time to take the leap.

Taking control of your own educational experience is important, so take steps to find a school that works for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your guidance counselor for support. It is never too late to take charge of your own education!

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