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5 Serious Health Issues An Eye Exam Can Detect

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When visiting an ophthalmologist or an optometrist, you probably expect them to detect basic eye issues such as myopia. But, what if that’s not the case? We will present you some of the serious health problems a thorough eye exam can detect.

1. Thyroid issues

Hyperthyroidism, or Basedow-Graves disease, can sometimes result in an enlargement of the eyes. An eye exam can tell you if you have this issue much sooner than you would notice it yourself by looking in the mirror. By using an exophthalmometer, an optometrist can evaluate how far the eye protrudes and evaluate how far the disease is affecting your thyroid.

2. Aneurysm

This issue, a bubble of air inside of a blood vessel which can break, can lead up to serious side-effects such as paralysis, or can be even fatal. Some of the signs include heavy headaches or loss of facial function, so your doctor can also detect these symptoms while performing an eye exam.

3. High blood pressure and heart disease

The eye has millions of blood vessels. When your heart is suffering or your blood pressure is high, these small vessels in the eye can burst, causing eye bleeding. Again, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you could experience eye-swelling, which would be visible during a check-up. It is important to detect these problems early, as they can affect your well-being and bring up serious complications.

4. Diabetes

One of the multiple symptoms of diabetes is high blood pressure and the bursting of the small blood vessels inside the eye. What is reassuring is that, by visiting an optometrist near you at the right time, you can detect diabetes before the disease has fully developed. One of the latest stages of diabetic retinopathy is vision loss, which the eye check can prevent by early-detection.

5. Cancer

An eye exam can sometimes detect the most feared disease on the planet, cancer. One of the most common places where skin cancer develops is on the eye lid. Some other times, your optometrist can detect melanoma that has formed inside the eye, near the iris. Only microscopes can detect this type of cancer, and you will need a professional eye exam to do it.

As you can see, for all these issues, prevention and early-detection can do wonders. Make a habit of getting an eye check every year so you can enjoy a healthy life.

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