5 Reasons to Install a Residential Solar Panel System

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Renewable energy is one of the best ways to fight climate change.

Amongst this type of energy, solar power is one of the most popular and widely used. Both residential and commercial buildings are increasingly embracing this type of energy, and for good reason.

If you are a homeowner, you might want to think about going solar, too. Would you like to find out more about this?

Keep reading this guide as we will reveal five of the most important reasons why installing a residential solar panel system is truly the way forward.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

Have you ever wanted to drastically reduce your utility bills, and keep them low for good?

Then, solar energy is truly a no-brainer. Installing solar panels on your property will help you to achieve just that: with just one solar panel system, you will generate free energy to last more than 25 years!

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  1. Great for the Planet

Being more environmentally conscious is paramount to preserving a better, healthier planet for future generations. There are lots of choices that you can make to live a greener life, and choosing solar panels for your home is one of them.

By installing a solar panel system, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint massively. How much? Up to four tons of carbon emissions each year, which roughly amounts to planting over 100 trees.

  1. Higher Property Value

Did you know that solar panel systems can be an awesome financial investment for the future? Yes, because residential properties with solar panels sell more quickly and for more money compared to those that don’t feature them.

If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home and to make it more appealing for future buyers, going solar is a great way to achieve this.

  1. More Tax Credit

Solar panels for residential buildings also enable homeowners to earn more tax credit. The U.S. government offers a federal solar tax credit to residential property owners, with many local governments adding more tax credits to it.

  1. Better Energy Security

Think about it: solar power is a type of renewable energy, which means it is continuously regenerated, and it never runs out. So, this in itself makes it a much more secure and steady way to provide energy to your home as opposed to fossil fuels.

How much more secure? The sun produces approximately four million tons of energy per second, and humankind as a whole only uses .0001% of that amount. A solar panel system only needs a tiny part of that energy, which means that it essentially will never run out.

Ready to Install Your First Residential Solar Panel System?

These are just some of the impressive advantages of solar energy, but they should be compelling enough for any homeowner to consider installing a residential solar panel system.

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