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5 Reasons to Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer

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Have you been charged with some form of domestic abuse? If so, you’re likely more than a little nervous about what’s coming and how to possibly defend yourself.

Domestic abuse charges can be life-changing and very serious. You might already realize the importance of getting a domestic violence lawyer to help defend yourself against charges.

You might also be wondering if it’s absolutely necessary to hire legal help.

Read on to learn 5 reasons you need to hire a domestic violence attorney to help with your case.

1. Role of the Prosecution

Sometimes things can get heated between two people. The problem is that if the police get called in a domestic violence case, even if the other person doesn’t want to press charges, the prosecution still can.

Once the prosecution decides to press charges, your accuser basically has an attorney working on their behalf.

You need to hire a lawyer so you have equal representation. You don’t want to be standing in front of a judge or jury and try to wing it on your own.

2. Build a Case to Defend Yourself

There are several important things a domestic violence attorney can do on your behalf.

If you haven’t been charged by the prosecution yet, the attorney can work to avoid charges. They can talk to the prosecutor, even decide what evidence to provide to help avoid charges.

If you have been charged, then the domestic violence attorney can start to build a defense on your behalf.

They can begin to put together evidence and potential witnesses who will act on your behalf if the case goes to court.

3. How a Restraining Order Can Impact Your Life

Often when a person gets accused of domestic violence, the accuser will seek a restraining order against the other person.

This can have a huge impact on your life if a restraining order is issued. In addition to not having any contact with them, it could also mean you don’t have contact with your children either.

It can also mean you’re not allowed back inside your home when the restraining order is in effect.

An attorney can work to help avoid a restrictive order that works against you.

4. Understanding the Charges and Process

Domestic violence is a serious crime and one the prosecution and courts don’t take lightly. It can also be emotional and difficult to navigate.

A domestic violence attorney can help you to understand the charges and potential consequences. They can help you strategize a plan for how to approach those charges.

The attorney can also guide you through the complicated court process.

For example, in Minnesota, there are 5 degrees of domestic violence. Learn more info about each here.

5. Professional Guidance Through Difficult Hearings

The best domestic violence lawyer understands how emotional and even vitriolic a domestic abuse case can be.

You need someone who can handle your case with a clear mind and not be clouded by the emotions connected to the case.

An attorney can help guide you through those adversarial hearings that are sure to come up.

Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

Should you hire a domestic violence lawyer if you’re facing charges? The short answer is absolutely yes.

It would be risky to think you can navigate a case without an experienced attorney’s guidance.

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