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5 Paint Color Trends to Keep an Eye On This Year

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Are you looking for a new color for your room or house? Have you considered that there are paint color trends that you can follow? If you have never had your house painted before, then this is the perfect time to start!

Paint trends can be a great way to spice up your home and give it a fresh look. You need to consider your personal style and whether you want to make a statement or create a more soothing space.

Continue reading to learn about some paint color trends that are popular this year.

1. Dramatic Hues Greener Than Ever

Brighter shades of green are becoming popular choices for interior paint to add a unique touch, as well as high-end commissions. This year, it’s all about making a statement and embracing dark, cheerful greens with layered undertones!

From olive greens to sage blues, these deeper tones instantly bring a timeless atmosphere of sophistication to any room. Greener-than-ever shades of rich khaki and subtle mint will provide the perfect backdrop for any home looking to reflect a bold, modern sensibility.

2. Soft and Subtle with Neutrals

An experienced home decorator or painting contractor will take advantage of these muted tones as they bring a sense of balance and serenity to any room. From light grays to muted whites, these colors provide an effortless and timeless look. Neutral walls can become a canvas for any decorator’s dreams, especially when complemented with accent pieces to make each room truly unique.

To create the perfect modern, yet classic look and atmosphere, buy paint and choose from some of the most popular neutral colors, such as shades of cream, beige, grey, and taupe.

3. Blush Tones To Make Your Room Pop

Instead of going the traditional route, consider painting your room with soft blush tones like lilac, dusty rose or salmon. Blush colors can make a powerful statement, from creamy pastels to vivid colors that really pop. For an even more sophisticated look, use a few different hues of blush in the same room and blend them for an eye-catching look.

Accent colors like light grey, warm cream and beige will bring out the beauty of the blush tones, while the variety of colors work together to create a beautiful, dynamic style.

4. Everything’s Coming Up Mustard

From soft creams and tans to bolder tones of brown and yellow, this spicy yellowish-brown color is popping up in both residential and commercial spaces alike. With its universal appeal and versatility, it’s no surprise that mustard is making a statement in the world of home design. Whether it’s used as an accent color or as part of a room’s more prominent color palette, mustard is sure to light up any space.

5. The Power of Black and White

The classic combination of black and white has been a powerful force in color trends this year. For a fashion-forward home design, choose the strength of black combined with the elegance of white. If you’re feeling daring, try black and white painting on alternating walls, or even a black wall with a white ceiling.

Paint Color Trends to Choose From

Bright and bold colors are paint color trends this year! From neutrals to vivid hues, there are trends to fit everyone’s taste. If you’re looking to revitalize your space, consider incorporating one of these color trends. Don’t wait – start painting today and make your space stand out!

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