5 Jobs That Allow You to Work With Animals

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It’s a documented fact that many Americans love animals. In fact, some studies seem to suggest that people love animals more than they love their fellow humans!

Whether you take your love of animals that far or not, you may desire a job that lets you work with animals. Often, people associate this desire with being a veterinarian. However, several other job types involve working with animals.

If you’re wondering about what jobs with animals exist, you’re in luck! We’ll explore five career opportunities involving animal work in the guide below. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Work With Animals as a Zoo Veterinarian

Did you know that zoos often have veterinarians on staff to help them treat their animals? These veterinarians specialize in working with a variety of non-domestic animals. Their primary responsibilities include treating the injuries and illnesses that affect the zoo’s animals.

Zoo veterinarians also specialize in using surgical tools and imaging devices to help them treat animals. Despite their name, many aquariums and research facilities hire these professionals as well.

2. Zoologist Career Opportunity

A zoologist has some crossover with zoo veterinarians. Like these vets, they specialize in working with animals that aren’t typically domesticated. However, they may work with animals in the wild or zoos.

Usually, these professionals provide data to inform wildlife conservation and preservation work. Likewise, they work extensively with the animals under their care to keep them safe and healthy.

Starting salaries for this job often depend on your educational credentials. Those with doctorates often make between $57,000 and $74,000 as starting salaries. However, those with bachelor’s degrees usually make less than $50,000.

3. Animal Trainers

Many people would love to work with animals but dread the possibility of euthanizing them. If so, perhaps an animal trainer position is better for you.

Obedience trainers work with dogs, horses, and other animals. Usually, they help these animals overcome behavioral issues. Alternatively, they train these animals to compete in competitions.

These trainers often work for kennels, stables, and animal shelters. Their starting salary falls around $32,000.

4. Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary assistants help veterinarians with several clinical duties. They also help exercise the animals in their care.

Many people become veterinary assistants so they can have hands-on connections with animals of all kinds. Like other veterinarian positions, these assistants must undergo licensing programs. One such program is the NAVTA Approved Veterinary Assistant Program.

5. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Many people want to own dogs or cats but worry about leaving them alone for lengthy periods. When you become a dog sitter, you help these people achieve that goal!

Dog walkers and pet sitters can sometimes make as much as $24,000. So, see if you know anybody who could use a dog walker.

Find More Career Information About Your Favorite Animal Job

If you’d like to work with animals for a living, each of these jobs could be your best opportunity! So, look into each job that interests you for more information. Soon, you can narrow down the best career for your next chapter in life!

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