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5 Important Things You’ll Find in Woodworking Supply Stores

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Did you know that the top 5 states in the United States for manufacturing wood cabinets and countertops include California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Minnesota? Those 5 states have over 8,000 establishments of wood products manufacturers. If you are feeling a bit confused about what woodworking tools you should invest in for your new shop, you are in the right place.

We have put together a list of woodworking supplies every shop should have. Read on to learn what you need to pick up while you are visiting woodworking supply stores.

1. Circular Saw

You will need a circular saw for any rough dimensions you are cutting. Especially if you have long rip cuts to take care of. Keep in mind that if you have a good table saw, then it could be used for different kinds of joinery work vs. just for dimensioning.

2. Power Jointer

This is the best option to efficiently flatten reclaimed lumber or rough lumber. When you are working on a furniture project, this will come in handy because it will save you plenty of time. Although you can use handheld tools to straighten out edges, it takes a lot longer, and it doesn’t leave the surface as smooth as with a power jointer.

3. Table Saw

Without a table saw in your workshop, you will have a hard time making simple, neat rip cuts and more specialized cuts. When cutting sheet materials or boards, a table saw allows you to do this accurately and quickly.

We recommend investing in a table to hold all of your saws so that you can easily access them as needed. You can also add casters to easily move the table around and convert it into a type of utility cart. There are plenty of caster options found here

4. Bandsaw

This machine spins a flexible blade around two metal wheels. These will come in handy for resawing boards for thin furniture parts. You can also you a bandsaw to cut curves and rip boards. A bandsaw will save you time, especially when you have plenty of boards to rip through.

5. Drill Press

A drill press power tool is a hand tool you will love having in your woodworking shop because it has the ability to drill precise holes in metal and in wood. You can use it to remove waste out of large mortises.

There are freestanding floor drill presses to choose from and also portable drill presses. If you are looking for more drill power, then a floor drill press is your best option. A floor drill press will also give you more stability and more flexibility.

Ready to Go to Woodworking Supply Stores to Level Up Your Shop?

Now it is time for the fun part – shopping for your woodworking shop! Hopefully, after reading our guide, you are feeling more knowledgeable and confident about visiting woodworking supply stores.

Feel free to continue browsing this section for our latest tips and tricks.

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