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5 ideas for “never have I ever” game

“Never have I ever” is a very popular game, especially among teenagers. There are two possible variations of this game: during the first one you have ten fingers in the air, and you should bend one of them if you have done something that has been said out loud; during the second version rather than bending fingers you should drink some amount of alcohol.

It doesn’t matter, which type of game you will be playing in. In both cases, you should have some ideas what to say, so we will share some thoughts with you. So, “never have I ever…”

never have I ever

#1. …worn wristbands

It’s a very tricky question because it has two possible options – maybe one of your friends has spent a night (or more) in jail, or he or she has specific games in the bedroom.

#2. … tried to make a stupid pickup

It’s quite obvious that most of the boys will bend their fingers. Persuade them to tell these funny stories, and your party won’t be boring for sure.

#3. ..left the house without undergarment

It is a tricky question for the fair sex. If some girl bends her finger, she will certainly be confused and blush to the roots of hair (and this is the aim of this game). 

#4. …been spanked

It is also a tricky question. From the one hand, there is a possibility that parents of your friend used to punish him or her. From the other hand, once again, specific games in the bedroom are also a possible scenario.

#5. …fallen in love with a teacher

There are a lot of secrets hidden in school and university days. Reveal them!

This game is an excellent way to find out something interesting about your friends.  For example, you can also ask them where they do wax, maybe also at the best salon NYC. Just go for it!

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