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5 Ideas for a Custom Primary Bathroom Remodel

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Finding ways to improve your home is a great way to update your life and make it your own. With the average cost of a custom home remodel, it can be a lot to invest in your home. One of the best ways to boost your return on investment is a custom primary bathroom remodel.

Besides being fun and relaxing, a new bathroom gives your home an old-fashioned glamor that will wow your visitors. If you are ready to tackle your project, we are ready to help you get there.

Here are our favorite five ideas for a custom bathroom remodel to get you started. Keep reading!

1. Creating a Functional Primary Bathroom Layout

It’s important to design a bathroom layout that maximizes space and is suited to the size of the room. Where possible, installing larger furniture pieces and experimenting with various shapes can help create a more functional bathroom.

Storage must be incorporated into the overall design. Utilizing unique storage solutions, like towel racks and cabinets, or shelving and drawers will help to keep the room clutter-free.

2. Personalizing Your Space

Personalizing your space with custom furnishings is a great way to make your primary bathroom remodel feel special and unique. There are more options than ever with today’s modern materials and options.

Here are ideas to help you create your dream primary bathroom:

  • Install a high-quality custom vanity with soft-close drawers
  • Consider luxurious tiles
  • Install specialty lighting fixtures
  • Incorporate a shower pan with a jet massage
  • Add ornately framed custom mirrors

3. Maximizing Natural Lighting

Add a skylight to allow light to enter from above. It can be tinted to control the amount of incoming light and provide a warming effect.

Make use of natural materials like wood and stone to reflect natural light. Opt for reflective finishes on the walls and other surfaces to make the most of any natural light, while still keeping the space cozy and warm. These finishes also stand up well to bathroom moisture and wear and tear.

4. Creating a Private Spa-Like Retreat

When creating a private spa-like retreat in the primary bathroom, some remodeling ideas can help. When possible, adding a large stand-alone soaking tub surrounded by soft, muted colors can create a relaxing experience.

Install a rainshower to give the feeling of a real spa. Incorporate heated floors for the luxury of warmth. Bring in natural elements through the use of plants, stones, and other decorations.

Look here for more information on how to get in touch with a reputable home builder to help you with your needs!

5. Adding the Finishing Touches

A primary bathroom remodel is an exciting project that can help your bathroom look amazing! Adding the finishing touches for the perfect primary bathroom remodel includes selecting items that help tie the look of your new bathroom together. Here are a few items you can consider:

  • Fresh towels and rugs
  • Unique sink and new shower
  • Statement lighting
  • Stylish storage
  • Fun accessories

Renovate Your Primary Bathroom Today

A custom primary bathroom remodel can provide a beautiful and relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy! Utilizing these ideas will help you create a stylish and functional space that you’ll love.

Make sure to consult a reliable contractor who can create the look you desire and provide quality and professional services. Don’t wait to start your custom bathroom remodel today!

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