5 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Worker Productivity

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Did you know that you can reduce the turnover rate by 34% by implementing a strong company culture? During these uncertain times, you want to keep your employee morale high and maintain a culture even if you’re not all in one place or working from home.

You want to promote a safe, productive, and happy workspace for your employees where they want to start work every morning and feel fulfilled. Keep reading and we will guide you through five guaranteed ways to increase worker productivity.

1. Company Culture

If you’re looking for ways on how to make employees happier, especially during unprecedented times, you need to emphasize company culture. This includes the work environment you promote, your mission, ethics, and goals.

Employee happiness and increased workplace productivity come from relationship building and rewarding teamwork. People struggle when companies are focused on individual success and hierarchies.

When you’re seeking out new candidates, you want to make sure that they will fit with your team and company culture as a whole. You want to find people that will work well together and motivate each other.

2. Open Communication

With remote culture, you can’t walk over to someone’s desk and ask them to grab a coffee and check-in. You need to make an effort to check in with people and have no work-related conversations.

You should survey your employees to see how you can help improve remote work and schedule virtual happy hours or meetups for people that are in the same city. Communication is key to understanding your employees and learning how you can improve.

3. Achievable Goals

When you’re looking at how to create a productive workspace, you should also have managers communicate company goals to their team and help them set goals for themselves that relate. If they feel a tie to the company’s mission, they will feel more meaning behind their work.

4. Create Incentives

You can create incentive programs for your employees to motivate them to get work done. For example, you can give out coupons that allow for people to start work later on Mondays if they reach a goal or complete a certain amount of tasks.

You can offer more PTO and encourage people to take mental health days and vacations. A study found that 51% of people believe that they’re more productive after a vacation.

5. Health and Wellness

You should also promote health and wellness in the workplace. You should encourage people to take a break and go for a walk or step outside and get some fresh air.

You can also look into creating an office that has an outdoor workspace. Getting vitamin D helps with everyone’s overall mood and demeanor throughout the day.

Increase Worker Productivity

Now that you know the five tips to enhance worker productivity, you are ready to improve your employee’s experience.

You want to put emphasis on your company culture, create an environment for open communication, help your employees create achievable goals, provide incentives, and encourage a focus on positive mental health.

Start surveying employees to see where you can improve or keep reading the latest on the VwB blog.

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