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5 Fancy Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

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America drinks about 3 gallons of wine per resident per year. That’s a lot of wine! If you know someone who easily doubles that, it’s time to find them the perfect wine-related holiday gift.

There are so many fancy gifts to choose from, so what should you buy? Let’s talk about it. Read on before you purchase gifts for your favorite wine drinker.

1. A Wine Subscription Box

This is one of the best gifts for people on your shopping list who love wine. Why not treat them to a few months of a wine subscription box?

Wine subscription boxes are fantastic for people who love trying new wines but struggle to make decisions. If the wine lover in your life is stuck in a wine rut, give them the gift of not having to make decisions. They’ll get something new every month, and they may even find a new favorite.

There are several popular wine subscription boxes to choose from.

2. Fancy Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love a new set of wine glasses?

The wine glasses you can buy from a basic big-box store are okay, and they certainly get the job done, but are they good enough for your favorite wine lover?

Get them a set of beautiful wine glasses that they’ll love displaying or bringing out for parties. Great glasses elevate the wine-drinking experience.

3. A Wine Preserver

Did you know that you can preserve wine? That’s right, no more rushing to finish a bottle.

This wine preserver is special. It doesn’t require the user to open the bottle at all. It goes right through the cork.

In theory, the bottle of wine can stay fresh for up to several years. Don’t let your giftee’s wine go bad! Let them preserve it for months to come.

4. A Trip to a Nice Winery

Not all gifts have to be physical. Why not give the gift of an experience by giving your friend a trip to a nice winery or vineyard?

Many people would love the opportunity to travel to a fancy winery, but they don’t have the money for the trip. This gift will be appreciated. Make sure to give them an extra pass for a friend (or for you), so they don’t have to enjoy their wine alone.

5. A Wine Purse

This one is a bit silly, but the right wine lover will appreciate it. Buy a purse that has a spout for wine.

These purses have small spigots that aren’t easily noticed by anyone who isn’t “in the know.” Your friend will b able to take wine to parties, the movie theater, and more.

What Fancy Gifts Will You Buy for the Wine Lover in Your Life?

All of these fancy gifts are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Try one of these gift ideas for your wine-loving friend, and they’re sure to love it. They may even share a bottle with you.

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