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5 Essential Website Improvement Tricks To Keep Your Site Fresh

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Recent statistics reveal that one in five businesses admit their primary issue with their website is low traffic. There are easy ways to boost traffic. However, before you plan ways to increase traffic, you must consider a website improvement.

When you are attracting new customers, you want a website that will really dazzle them! Can you say that your current website is awe-inspiring?

If not, don’t worry. There are a few essential ways you can change this right away. Here’s how.

1. Refresh the Website Design

A full redesign is time-consuming. It involves not just the visual appearance, but the structure, too. If you want to keep what you have, but just give the website design a lift, you can do a refresh.

This involves making a few small edits. Typically, it means updating the graphic design elements while keeping the structure you already have. We recommend you check out this web development specialist to learn about refreshing a website.

2. New Website Theme

Another way that WordPress gives you the option to “refresh” your website design is via a website theme. A website theme in WordPress manages the front-end design. It sets the overall functionality and appearance of the front-end design, including color palettes, backgrounds, page layouts, positioning, sizing, typography, and headers and footers.

If you worry that changing the website theme will cause you to lose your content, don’t. That is not the case. Switching themes will not cause you to lose all of your website’s content.

3. Improve Website Speed

Recent statistics prove that website users want speed. 52% of mobile users will bounce from a website if they find it takes a loading time of longer than three seconds.

If you have a slow-loading website, there are a few ways to increase speed and improve user experience. First, optimize and compress images. Next, reduce redirects and cache your web pages.

Enable cache browsing, too. Finally, it is important to choose a hosting solution that is performance optimized.

4. Keep a Content Calendar

This is what your users can see, and it is why they are visiting your website. They want to see your products, images, videos, blog posts, and more. If you are not maintaining a content calendar, get one going right away.

You can make a simple calendar with what you already have, like a Google calendar. However, WordPress has a plugin for this, too. Their Editorial Calendar is comprehensive, allowing you to easily schedule, edit, and publish posts on WordPress.

5. Repurpose Old Content

This is a simple way to make a website update. You could take an old blog post with still valuable information that current customers would love. Take the old information and place it in an infographic or video.

You can easily upload videos to YouTube and then embedded into a website page. YouTube videos are easy to share on social media.

It’s Time For a Website Improvement

The usual challenge for companies is that they think a website improvement will be timely and costly. Neither is true. There is no better time to refresh your website design, choose a new website theme, improve your website’s speed, keep a content calendar, and repurpose old content.

These simple tricks will take you a long way toward boosting web traffic.

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