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5 Common Truck Driver Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that more than 1.4 million truck drivers are working in the US?

Are you a great driver in your daily life?

Few of us can say we’re great drivers. Trucks have the highest fatality rates as the most oversized vehicles on the road. Driving a truck comes with more brutal considerations than driving a car.

Keep your safety – and the safety of other road users – in mind by avoiding these common truck driver mistakes.

1. Forgetting to Follow Regulations and Laws

This mistake often results in fines, demerit points, and even license restrictions, so truck drivers must stay updated with rules and regulations.

The best way to avoid breaking the law is to conduct routine self-team audits. Checking for proper and up-to-date credentials is also essential, as is doing a pre-trip inspection before each journey.

Truck drivers should always double-check the time they can legally work and the weight and route they can travel for truck driving safety.

2. Overworking to the Point of Fatigue and Exhaustion

It can lead to severe health issues for truck drivers, such as distracted driving, poor decision-making, and exhaustion-related accidents. To avoid this, drivers should adhere to the legal limits on how many hours they can drive and take regular breaks. Drivers should also look out for any signs of fatigue and take measures to get adequate rest.

Stretching and moving around are great ways to stay alert and keep energy levels up. Additionally, staying hydrated and eating nourishing meals at regular intervals can help counteract the effects of long hours and keep drivers productive.

3. Overestimating Driving Ability and Skill Level

Many inexperienced people who lack safety training may believe they can handle a more challenging task without considering the potential risks and dangers. To prevent this from happening, truck drivers should reassess their skill level and driving abilities constantly to ensure they operate truck driving safely and only to the level they are competent.

Truck drivers can avoid making mistakes and remain safe on the road by being mindful of the potential risks and taking preventive measures by considering this training.

4. Poor Time Management and Planning

It is also essential for drivers to be aware of the legal hours of service regulations to ensure that they are not driving when overtired. Drivers should ensure they plan for labor-intensive jobs, traffic problems, terrain, and weather.

They should also prepare enough time for rest breaks and meals which can help prevent tiredness and the risks associated with driving when tired.

5. Skimping on Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection

While cutting back on these expenses can be tempting, it can ultimately cost more in the long run. Not turning in maintenance requests promptly can lead to more damage to the vehicle and more extensive repair bills.

Additionally, failing to follow up with an adequate pre-trip inspection can lead to a dangerous situation–for the driver and other motorists on the road. To avoid these truck driver mistakes, all maintenance requests should be completed promptly, and pre-trip inspections should always be thorough.

Avoiding Truck Driver Mistakes

It is essential to avoid truck driver mistakes to ensure safety. Truck drivers can stay safe on the road by visiting alerts and following traffic regulations.

Furthermore, utilizing technology and staying on top of routine maintenance can help truck drivers further minimize preventable errors. To ensure your next trucking trip is safe, follow these tips and drive carefully!

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