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5 Common Office Recycling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Do you have an environmentally friendly office? How careful are you about recycling plastic and paper products?

No matter how much you recycle outside, you still need to recycle within the office, where you handle common office paper, plastic, and metal waste daily. Many office recycling mistakes are easy to make.

When recycling within the office, you should know the logistics and dangers behind recycling in an office setting. You should know how and where to dispose of certain items.

Here is a guide to five common office recycling mistakes and how to correct them today. Read on!

1. Take Contamination Home With You

Common office recycling mistakes involve taking items home with you that are not recyclable. Certain electronic items, food waste, batteries, light bulbs, and sharp objects cannot be recycled.

To avoid making this mistake, workplace recycling bins should include labels that mark what can and cannot be put in them. Contamination caused by individuals cherry-picking items to take home can also lead to recyclables being rejected by the recycling center.

2. Mixed Different Waste Materials

Many offices may have separate bins for recycling bottles and cans, paper, glass, and other materials. Mixing waste materials can cause complications at the recycling facility.

Inappropriate waste materials, like metals, can also contaminate other recyclables. The best way to avoid this error is to educate employees on which materials belong in which bin.

3. Wrong Bin Placement

Wrong bin placement is one of the most common office recycling mistakes and can lead to valuable materials ending up as landfill waste. To avoid bin placement mistakes, label all recycling bins and inform employees which items to recycle.

Ensure all bins are accessible and in areas that are convenient for employees to access. Set up clear signage to say which bins are used for what and ensure employees understand which materials go into each bin.

4. Not Using Your Own Recycling Bin

Not having a designated recycling bin or not using it is a common recycling mistake in the office. To avoid this mistake, it’s best to designate one space for all recyclables. This can be as simple as having a single bin or multiple bins for different materials.

These bins should be strategically placed close to the sources of recyclable materials, such as the printer, recycling storage media, or copy machine, as well as near common areas.

It is also essential to get assistance from an electronics recycling center, which is responsible for all electronic and computer recycling materials.

Additionally, to ensure zero waste, have signs and visuals that promote recycling and ensure everyone is aware of the expectations. Encourage everyone to use their bin and reuse containers when available. All these measures will create a culture of recycling and lead to better environmental outcomes.

5. Ignore Office Recycling Policy

Ignoring the office recycling policy is one of the most common office recycling mistakes. Offices should provide clear instructions on what allows in the recycling bin and what items should go in the trash.

To ensure employees are following the correct steps for sorting, offices should provide labels for the waste and recycling bins.

Learn About Office Recycling Mistakes Today

Following these tips can help reduce office recycling mistakes. Even if mistakes are made, stay positive and continue to be mindful of where waste goes. Taking these steps, like regular recycling checks, can ensure all recyclables are being reused.

Try it today and see the benefits!

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