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5 Common Mistakes with Cooking Lobster and How to Avoid Them

Do you love seafood? If so, join the club!

After all, popular seafood items like lobster, crab, and fish remain some of the most delicious and healthy food choices you can make.

When it comes to cooking lobster, doing it right is often easier said than done. That’s why you need to understand the common mistakes with cooking lobster that many people make.

This article takes a look at tips that will help you avoid undercooking and overcooking lobsters so that your next feast will be perfect. Keep reading to learn how to cook lobster like a professional chef.

  1. Buying Lobster From the Wrong Source

Let’s start by talking about where you buy your lobsters. After all, most people probably believe that every seafood source that sells lobster is the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just because a store down the street has a tank filled with water with lobsters crawling all over each other doesn’t mean those lobsters are fresh or healthy to each other.

The key is to find a source that has the freshest supply of lobster possible. This can obviously be a challenge if you don’t live near the coast, but you need to look for a seafood supplier that gets fresh deliveries daily from a reputable source in the Northeast.

  1. Always Picking the Biggest Lobster You Can Find

When it comes to choosing a lobster for dinner, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

In fact, smaller lobsters are typically the way to go. This is partly because you’ll pay less, and bigger lobsters often have tougher meat.

The key is to avoid buying any lobster that weighs over two pounds, and ideally, you should look for one that weighs closer to a pound and a quarter. The smaller lobster will have higher quality meat that tastes great.

  1. Undercooking Your Lobster

It’s important to note that undercooking tends to be a more common issue than overcooking lobster. The biggest problem with undercooking is the risk of food poisoning. This is why you need to make sure your lobster is fully cooked all the way through before eating.

  1. Overcooking Your Lobster

Now let’s talk about cooking your lobster. The first mistake to avoid is overcooking a lobster because this will cause it to turn rubbery and won’t taste as good. Keep in mind that lobster meat is delicate and easy to overcook, thus you’d be wise to always keep an eye on it to prevent the rubbery texture.

Here’s a great resource on how to eat Maine lobster the right way.

  1. Failing to Kill Your Lobster Before Cooking It

Many people also make the mistake of not killing their lobster before cooking it. Why is this important? Well, because the boiling water might not be enough to kill it.

How to Avoid Mistakes With Cooking Lobster

There’s really nothing better than a well-prepared seafood meal. Fortunately, this guide to avoiding mistakes with cooking lobster will help make your next seafood feast the best you’ve ever had.

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