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5 Beautiful Bedroom Interior Design Tips

You never thought bedroom interior design would be about as something arcane as philosophy, did you?

“Less is more” works for the likes of Mies van der Rohe, but that doesn’t mean this is the philosophy you need to abide by. When it comes to designing your room, you want to put together something that brings you joy.

Your bedroom should be your safe space. It should invite calm and rest. It should also express your personality and style.

That being said, there are some design principles that anyone can implement.

Keep reading for some handy interior design tips to get you started on putting together a beautiful space.

Interior Design Tips For Everyone

What’s the function of a bedroom?

It’s for sleeping. It’s for your private affairs. It’s where you unwind.

These are the design tips you can implement without sacrificing your personal flair.

1. Multiple Sources of Ambient Light

There’s nothing worse than a glaring overhead light. It casts hard shadows on everything and ruins the mood.

Instead, invest in sources of ambient light. The light should bounce softly off the wall and give off a warm tinge. You can have multiple sources; a neat lamp placed beside an armchair, or light emanating from behind your headrest.

This will make your room seem warm, cozy, and inviting.

You can even customize this tip for your personal style. Simply change the light color or light fixture to one that matches what you are going for.

2. Color Scheme

Color influences mood. It’s been proven.

So what kind of mood do you want your room to inspire? Blue for feelings of calmness? Green for compassion?

Red for intimacy and luxury? Or beige tones for peace and rustic vibes?

You’ll have to think about what kind of color scheme you prefer, but once you decide on one, you should pick out furnishings that complement each other.

3. Eclectic Pieces

Feel free to include some funk. This means something like a statement mirror in the room or an eye-catching rug.

You’ll never get tired of looking at it, and it will express your personality. You don’t need a ton of these, but they can really bring together the look of a room.

Think about what earrings or scarves do for an outfit; they’re the finishing touch! Pieces that stand out will have people complimenting your interior design choices.

4. Vary Textures

Even a plain white wall can be beautiful if it has some granular texture to it. You could even match white wood paneling with white stone; the different textures create visual interest even though they are the same color.

It will be a whole sensory experience.

Textures can even delineate different zones for your bedroom. Think, “this area is for resting, this area is my boudoir, and this area is for reading.”

5. KiSS

Hear us out. KiSS is a tip that many designers and architects use, and that’s “keep it simple, stupid.”

Don’t go overboard buying all the furnishings at once. It’s totally fine to take it slow and acquire beautiful pieces over time.

As long as your bedroom serves its function of calming you down and granting you a sanctuary for a good night’s rest, you’re good to go! A bedroom renovation can be stressful, so take it easy!

Keeping your space uncluttered and serene can mean an uncluttered and serene mind just as well. Take your time to find out what kind of look you like until you’re completely satisfied.

Ask For Advice!

Design is definitely a lifestyle, but it’s also deeply personal.

Often, there’s no more personal space than a bedroom. Interior design tips are one thing, and creating a space that you actively cherish and want to live in is another.

Take your time to figure out what kind of look inspires you, and slowly put it together.

Feel free to browse more in our home decor section for ideas!

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