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5 Accessories to Look Stylish While Traveling

Travel is a part of life. For some, to travel is to feel free and the ability to explore while some are simply traveling for business purposes. Whichever your reason for traveling you want to do it in style and as comfortably as possible. You want to be able to maneuver the small children running around while also balancing your passport, carry on luggage, and the fact that you must unpack it all in order to get through to your departure gate. There are ways to look stylish and comfortable while traveling.

In the age of selfies and posting your latest photo opportunity on Instagram you will want to look back on your next trip fondly. You do not want to cringe at the look you chose because you did not think it through. Now that you are aware you may need a little help in the stylish travel section, we decided to compile a list of accessories to get you going in the right direction. Below we explore some tips on how you can look stylish.

The vacation is upcoming and it sounds like it’s going to be fun, but packing for a vacation to some can be stressful. The latest Instagram pictures depict how we should be runway ready while on the way to the departure gate. If you are not feeling confident in your runway style for the airport, then allow us to share some easy accessory selections from your closet that will have you comfortable, but still stylishly ready for zone and business class calling.

Types of Scarves

Incorporate a scarf – this will come in handy for the airplane air conditioning which can feel like it is on blast and for making a fashion statement. Make certain the scarf’s color matches or compliments your complete outfit. Depending on the season, choose a soft cashmere or a thicker wool. There are many ways to wrap the scarf, depending on how creative you want to present your style. The feel of the scarf will also impact how well you wear and present it. If it is itchy and bulky feeling you will not want to wrap yourself in it. 

It’s In the Bag

Using crossbody travel bags is a glamorous way to make an outfit more upbeat. These bags are handy to have to hold all of your necessary travel information too. No more looking in another bag for your passport or boarding pass when it is nearby and on your side. Choose a basic colour that matches most outfits: brown or black. Leather or a leather look-alike is also a good classic choice.

Which Pants are Comfortable?

Comfortable pants are always a good addition to any outfit. Take full advantage of the fact that to travel is to be comfortable. Choosing your tightest jeans may not be the best choice for sitting on an airplane. Choose pants that are soft and will not wrinkle from you sitting for long hours.

The Eyes Have It

Statement eyewear is also key to winding up a stylish traveling outfit. The eye wear does not have to be brand name, but needs to fit your face. Oval, rectangular, or any other shape should fit what better compliments your facial shape. Choose an eye wear color that compliments your outfit.

Comfortable Shoes

Hopefully you are not the type who has to run through the airport, if you are then you will need to select some shoes that are comfortable and give you the ability to maneuver between suitcases and slow walkers. Some people choose to wear a slipper style or mule while others are comfortable in tennis shoes. If you are a latecomer you will be glad you chose tennis shoes. Overall, choose the shoes that fit and match your outfit. Wearing heels to the airport is truly stylish, but to be comfortable is usually a priority. You can always pack the heels in your carry on and do a brief touch up in the bathroom in order to make your debut coming out of the airport. Choose tennis shoes that are new and clean.

No Fuss, Simple

The era of wearing fancy and fussy clothing is behind us. You will also want to remember to choose quality clothing and shoes too. Take the time to plan your airport outfit that equally stylish and comfortable. Once you are happy with your decisions you can always wear the same outfit again for your next flight out. Going on the airplane should be treated as a special outing. You will want to honor the occasion with what best suits you and compliments your body and comfort level. Arrive at your destination with the right mindset, in style and as comfortable as possible. Happy flying!

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