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4 Top Car Shipping Questions (2023)

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Modern society is highly reliant on vehicles. However, even the biggest of car aficionados can be stumped when it comes to the world of shipping cars. From vehicle shipping quotes to delivery dates, there can be a lot to take in.

Many people are daunted by this fairly simple concept on the surface. Such is the scale and size of shipping a car in comparison to personal transport. Many people feel it may be too much work, so we have broken down all of the essential car shipping questions you need to know.

You should be totally at ease by the end of this guide. Simply keep reading to get your questions answered.

1. How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked shipping questions is, “How much does car shipping cost?”. In 2023, car shipping costs remain a top question for many car owners. Variables like the distance of the trip, the type of shipping service chosen, and the size of the vehicle all factor into how much it will cost.

Car owners should expect the cost to start at around $500 but varies widely depending on multiple factors. More fragile and valuable cars, such as classic cars, may require special considerations when shipping, which may cost more. See this helpful information to learn more.

2. What are the Different Types of Car Shipping?

With rising environmental concerns and new technological advancements, car shipping has become more accessible and affordable than ever before.

There are three main types of car shipping:

  • open
  • enclosed
  • container car shipping

Open shipping is the least expensive and quickest method, perfect for those on a tight budget. Enclosed shipping provides more protection and security for luxury vehicles but comes at a higher cost. Container shipping has the highest price tag but allows for the shipping of multiple cars in one container, saving money in the long run.

3. What are the Different Levels of Car Shipping Insurance?

It is important to know what levels of insurance are available when shipping a vehicle. Multiple insurance coverage levels are available, depending on the vehicle’s type and value and the shipment’s length.

Basic insurance only covers damage up to the vehicle’s current market value. Extra or deluxe insurance offers more coverage, including protection against any theft or total loss. Comprehensive coverage is the highest level of coverage available and provides the most protection against possible damages or theft.

4. What are the Essential Steps to Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping?

Depending on the carrier and your particular needs, some steps may vary. Generally, the first step is asking for a car carrier inspection, followed by washing and drying the car, removing any non-permanent accessories, and disconnecting the alarm system.

Make sure to take pictures of your vehicle’s condition, obtain and review a bill of lading, and remove personal items and any combustible materials inside the car. These steps will help guarantee a safe, smooth car shipping experience.

Moving a Car? Shipping Questions to Ask Before You Decide

Car shipping is a viable option for many individuals and businesses. With the most common shipping questions answered, you should now be better informed to make the best car shipping decisions in 2023. If you’re ready to start shipping your car, contact your preferred car shipping provider to start the process.

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