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4 Things You Need to Know About Mobile-First Website Design

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Did you know that a whopping 85% of Americans own a smartphone, and almost 100% of them own at least some kind of cellphone?

Since these devices are in the pocket or purse of almost everyone in the country, you can’t afford to not optimize your business website design for mobile access. More and more businesses are taking things a step further by designing their websites with mobile phones in mind over, say, laptops.

Do you want to get the most out of this strategy? Keep reading to learn the 4 things you need to know for mobile-first website design.

1. Start With the User Experience

If you don’t familiarize yourself with how people use their smartphones, to begin with, then your site won’t ever be as effective as it could be. This is why you should spend time learning their habits and applying that knowledge to the website’s design.

By putting the user first, you’ll also be putting the mobile phone first since these two concepts are essentially one and the same. That way, your potential customers can find what they’re looking for in a cinch. This will get you the most out of your marketing efforts.

2. Make Sure Load Times Are Fast

The last thing you’d want to launch is a site that takes forever to load on a mobile phone. From images to videos, it’s crucial to ensure that everything has been compressed and optimized for the mobile experience.

This will allow every aspect of your site to load as fast as possible. With attention spans shrinking over the years, you can’t expect your website visitors to wait for more than a few seconds tops.

3. Keep It Simple

Do you want even more design tips? As you consider the layout and functions, don’t forget that less is more. If you overdo it with the number of functions and menus, for instance, then things can end up getting crowded quite quickly.

Phone screens are only so big. The simplest sites can end up fitting the essentials and incorporating an intelligent scrolling function. If you’re struggling, then a company like can make things easier on your behalf.

4. Try a Beta

One way you can enhance your digital marketing and work out the kinks in your site at the same time is by launching a beta.

You could invite relevant influencers and some customers to try it ahead of everyone else, making them feel special. This is a win-win scenario.

Ready to Invest in Mobile-First Website Design?

Now that you’ve learned the 4 things you need to know for mobile-first website design, you can make one of your most important business decisions yet. With the right website, you’ll be able to accomplish your most ambitious goals and beyond.

There are more tips and tricks where these came from. The best way to stay on top of the latest and most crucial developments is by reading our content regularly. Since you’re already here, feel free to browse our wide range of topics.

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