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4 Things Every Paintball Starter Kit Should Have

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Did you know that there are 2.56 million participants of paintball players in 2021? The action never stops, and every player needs to be on top of their game. What happens, however, when you don’t have the right gear?

When it comes to paintball gear, it’s important to know what you should have in your starter kit. Otherwise, you may be bound when you’re out in the field.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. You’ll always find this helpful guide on everything you should consider including in your starter kit.

Don’t let your inexperience cost you another shot. Let’s jump in and explore the top things every paintball starter kit should have.

1. Complete Face Protection

It is critical to make sure that a paintball starter kit includes complete face protection. Every beginner should include affordable, yet reliable full auto paintball guns, and have full-face coverage, typically consisting of a paintball mask, goggles, and sometimes a visor.

The mask should be made of engineered materials such as plastic, rubber, and foam to protect and cushion against impact and reduce fatigue during extended gameplay. Ensure that the mask fits comfortably and securely to not interfere with vision.

2. The Right Marker

A paintball kit should have the right marker for the player. Beginners should get the right reasonably priced marker, easy to use and low-maintenance, to ensure the best start paintballing experience possible.

Low-pressure markers are best for beginners as they are more accurate and efficient with their air supply. It should have an adjustable firing rate and have room to customize. Paintballs should also be included so players can practice shooting with the marker and adjust hop-up settings.

3. The Loader/Hopper

It’s an important safety equipment, as it stores the paintballs until they are ready to be used. The loader must be of high quality and made of lightweight materials to not interfere with the player’s maneuverability and balance.

Whether a 250, 500, or an enormous 2000-capacity hopper, the loader should be durable and precise to fire accurately and continuously. You don’t want to be running out of paint mid-game.

4. An Air Tank

An air tank should be one of the essential items in any paintball starter kit. This is because the tank holds the compressed air necessary to propel paintballs. From small tanks with a limited capacity to larger tanks with a high capacity, there is an air tank out there to suit every player’s needs.

In addition, the most common type of tank is either a CO2 or high-pressure air tank, but for a beginner, a CO2 tank is usually the best choice. A starter kit should also include an air tank regulator and cover, as these will help ensure the tank works optimally and reduce the risk of damage to the valve or the threads.

Maximizing Your Enjoyment with the Right Paintball Starter Kit

Every paintball starter kit should have a gun, protective gear, paintballs, and ammo. Investing in quality items can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Most importantly, learn to play safely and enjoy the thrilling paintball game! For more information, visit the PaintballerNetwork to find resources and advice for beginners.

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