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4 Signs Your Child Is Stressed About School

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School should be a safe and fun place for kids. So when your child comes home from school in tears, you know something isn’t quite right. Sure, sometimes the experience may not always be enjoyable. From social dramas to tough teachers, stress is a part of life.

If it’s happening regularly, you will want to know: is my child stressed about school? You might want to check the signs your child is stressed.

Find out how to know if your child is stressed about school by reading our guide below.

1. Becoming Generally Withdrawn and Quiet

A child who seems to be generally withdrawn and quiet could be a sign that they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed about school. They may stop participating in conversations and commenting during class. They may be more reserved during lunch and recess, seemingly not wanting to engage in any activities with other children.

They may also appear to be preoccupied, appear to be having difficulty concentrating, and be unable to focus. If your child seems overburdened and out of touch, it could be a sign that they need help managing the demands of school and that you should take the time to talk to them about the source of their school stress and offer support.

2. Receiving Low Grades

Receiving low grades can be a sign that your child has school stress. If your child is consistently receiving lower than average grades, it suggests they don’t have the skills to cope with the materials presented.

They may become upset, defensive, and withdrawn if asked about how they are doing in school. They may stop participating in class and avoid talking about their grades. Talk to teachers to get a complete view of your child’s academic performance.

Encourage them to reach out for help if needed and provide emotional support and guidance. You can also seek educational help by providing tutors; check out this site to learn more about this.

3. Physical Changes

Physical changes are one of the key signs of stress in school. Your child may show signs of tiredness, fatigue, disturbed sleep, or that they’re having difficulty falling asleep. They may appear to have lost their appetite and/or are consuming less food than usual.

You may observe irregular changes in your child’s weight, such as drastic and/or sudden weight loss. One of the parenting tips is if you notice these physical changes in a child, they are likely struggling with school-related stress and anxiety, and they must get the proper support to manage it.

4. Mood Swings

Signs of stress about school may include mood swings. These may be sudden and frequent shifts in their attitude and disposition, where your child may be in a good mood one minute and then inspired to lash out in anger or aggression the next. This can manifest in the form of excessive crying or frustration.

Watch Out for the Signs Your Child Is Stressed

School stress is common among young students, and it is important to be aware of the signs. If your child exhibits any of the signs discussed above, it is important to take steps to address the sources of stress for your child, so they can navigate their academic pursuits successfully.

If there are signs your child is stressed and feeling overwhelmed, home and school staff should work together to ensure a positive academic experience.

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