4 Reasons Why You Need a Little Knife

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Around 35.6 million households in the US contain someone who owns a pocket knife. It might unnerve some to know that many people are carrying a hidden knife. But for many, it is an essential and practical tool.

If you think about all the times you wish you had something sharp on you, like scissors, keys, or a little knife, you will realize carrying one is a smart idea. And there are more reasons to invest in a sharp little knife than you might think.

Not sure what those reasons are? Here are some of the top ones!

1. Household Needs

So many regular, daily tasks need you to use a sharp blade of some kind. Here are only some of the household tasks you might need one for:

  • Opening plastic packages and cardboard parcels
  • Cutting loose thread and tags from clothing
  • Cleaning fingernails and removing hangnails
  • Cutting up an apple or peeling a citrus fruit on the go

Many people might reach for a kitchen knife or scissors in these instances, but that is a bad practice. You will be ruining the sharpness of those blades by using them on materials that aren’t food. Plus, it is unsanitary.

2. Protect Yourself

You hope you never have to do it, but you might. Carrying a hidden pen knife will be useful in a life or death situation where you need to defend yourself against an attacker.

Mace and your house keys are good alternatives, but they are often not easy to conceal in an easy-to-reach place. You can put a pen knife in your pocket or attach it to your ankle so you can grab the little knife in an instant. Opt for a concealable ink pen knife if you want an undetectable knife.

It might be a good idea to take some self-defense lessons on using your knife correctly, so you don’t hurt yourself by accident.

3. Survival and First Aid

When you are camping in the wilderness, you want to be as prepared as possible, so you should bring a little knife. They are so useful when cutting small branches from trees or making kindling for fires.

And if you have a super sharp knife, you might even be able to make a fire by striking the blade down a rock to make sparks.

They are also useful in a crisis. Small knives can cut up bandages and clothing to stop any bleeds. And, they can also help remove harmful debris or ticks embedded in the skin.

4. Outdoor Activities and Sport

Love hunting and/or fishing? Then you 100% need a knife. They are useful for cutting fishing lines and tackle and even for gutting the fish if you want to eat them straight away.

When you hunt, you always need a small, sharp knife for field dressing. These tasks are impossible without a small knife.

Little Knife but Big Potential

Carrying a little knife might seem unnecessary or excessive at first. But you will soon realize exactly how often you use it and wonder how you ever managed without one.

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