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4 Plumbing Signs That Something Is Wrong in Your Home

Most homeowners find plumbing problems intimidating. It can often feel like your plumbing goes from perfectly working to a complete disaster. That may sometimes be the case, but more often there are some signals you missed.

Most people reading this aren’t experts. It’s understandable you’re not always familiar with the signs of a real problem. That’s why today we want to review some common plumbing signs that an issue may need addressing.

1. Leaks

The good news is that you’ll likely notice a leak if it happens. In many cases, simply tightening the pipe once you do can fix it. However, that isn’t always the case.

Leaking pipes are not “normal.” They’re the sign something is wrong with your system. If a quick tightening won’t fix it, you or an expert needs to find what will.

2. Corrosion

Corrosion, usually rust, slowly weakens pipes. In very small quantities at a time, a rusted pipe will shed some of its rusted material. Corroded pipes are “bad pipes,” through and through.

Eventually, a corroded pipe can leak or even burst. A water pipe burst is expensive and can be a major hassle for a non-expert to fix. Water gets everywhere and anything relying on that pipe is temporarily unusable.

3. Low Water Pressure

Water pressure and flow represent some of the more complicated plumbing problems. Thankfully, those problems are at least easy for a person to spot.

If you see a great deal of variation in your water pressure, something is wrong. Most systems should flow at a moderate rate unless designed for certain specific purposes.

Even if you’re not bothered by low water pressure, get an expert to check it out. Your pressure regulator may need replacing. It is also possible some of your pipes are frozen, which can cause pipe bursting if not addressed.

4. Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is a major hassle for bathroom and kitchen sinks because it can impact how you use your water. It is unsightly, can slow down your daily tasks, and can cause bad smells over time.

Oftentimes slow drainage means there is a blockage in the pipes. If that’s the case, it is a relatively easy solution. However, if your approach doesn’t seem to work or you simply prefer an expert’s help, you should call an expert so they can address it.

Almost invariably, if something is draining slow, it is going to get slower and slower over time. Blockages build up until addressed and sometimes get so bad a sink might take minutes to drain.

Don’t Ignore Problematic Plumbing Signs

Ignoring plumbing signs that signal an issue may give you peace of mind. But that only leads to far more stress later, when the issue gets worse. Solve your problems early and save both money and stress.

If this article was helpful, explore the rest of our blog. There is sure to be more content you’ll enjoy.

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