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4 Men’s Accessories That Are Actually Worth the Investment

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Ah, accessories — there really is a fine line between complementing your outfit and overdoing it. And when it comes to men’s accessories, the art of subtlety is at the heart of it all. The concept of less is more is what men (and women) need to remember when it comes to buying and wearing accessories in order to pull a look together.

But despite the less is more concept, accessories are just as important as the shoes you choose to wear with an outfit. If picked right, accessories are what actually make an outfit, in many cases.

Here are some of the top accessories today’s modern man should invest in.

1. A Top Quality Watch

If there’s one accessory that any man should own, it’s a classic, high-quality watch. Whether it’s a vintage find, or something more modern, you want your watch to be versatile, chic, and timeless — something you can wear with just about any outfit.

When shopping for a top-quality watch, take a close look at the watch’s face and its tourbillon (the axil of the watch that creates balance). Essentially, these are the most expensive parts of a watch. Make sure these components are of the best quality if you’re looking to invest in a timepiece that will be with you for years to come.

If you can invest in a watch that has interchangeable straps, even better. This way, you can mix up your watch strap to suit the occasion and different outfits, where needed. Visit this webpage for a brilliant selection to shop from.

2. A Classic Pair of Sunglasses

Yet another important investment is a good pair of sunglasses. Now, they don’t have to be designer-brand sunglasses, but they do need to suit your face shape and have a classic appeal to them. But bear in mind that most designer-brand sunglasses will last you a good few years, versus something more cheaply made.

Some of the top characteristics to look for in high-quality sunglasses include polarized glass, Italian acetate, or something that’s handmade. Do some research on the best type of sunglasses to match your face shape — they’ll be the ultimate accessory, come rain or shine.

3. A Good Pair of Cufflinks

Even if you’re not a daily suit-wearer, a good pair of cufflinks should exist in your wardrobe. Nothing pulls a suit ensemble together like a high-quality pair, even if that suit is a little dusty!

In essence, cufflinks equate to jewelry for men. So when you’re shopping for yours, make sure it’s a good investment. Look for cufflinks made from precious metals such as gold, or sterling silver. Some top brand names today include Gucci and Alice Made These for cufflink shoppers.

4. A Card Holder, Not a Wallet

Own a wallet? Throw it out, slim things down, and invest in a cardholder. What about your change? Sure that’s a valid question but does anyone really carry cash around with them these days? That’s what your cup holder in your car is for.

A card holder is sleek, lightweight, and says you mean business. It’s also minimal and will actually simplify your life — no more scratching around for the right card in your bulky wallet. If you want to take it up a notch, get your cardholder debossed with your initials on it!

Shopping for Men’s Accessories?

If you’re looking to invest in any of these men’s accessories and need some shopping inspiration, you’re in the perfect place. Take some time to explore the rest of this website and get your shopping inspiration just a click away.

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