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4 Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company

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The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) reports that the U.S. cleaning supply chain is worth $60 billion. That reflects the rapid growth of the industry.

The pandemic threw hygiene and employee wellness into the spotlight. Now there are many questions to ask your commercial cleaning company.

What should you ask to ensure you get quality service? How do you know your business cleaning company is efficient? When should you look elsewhere?

Discover the answers to your questions by reading this guide to common office cleaning questions.

1. How Many Years Have Your Team Been in Business?

This gives you an idea of their cleaning effectiveness. The business cleaning market is competitive. A subpar commercial cleaning company seldom makes it far.

You can ask how many clients they have and in what industries. Try to work with cleaning companies used to your industry.

Check out their online reputation. Use keywords on review sites to narrow down your search. Things like poor hygiene, damage, and overcharging should put up a red flag straight away.

2. What Kinds of Products and Tools Do You Use?

Modern, high-quality products tend to be more effective in fighting germs. Many of the disinfectants made in the last 2 years are effective against COVID-19, for example.

Toxicity and allergies are vital considerations. Cheaper cleaning products often lack the tests and health research behind premium options. How safe and eco-friendly are they?

Make sure your industrial cleaning service has the right tools for the job. If you have a large floor space, the proper equipment will clean it faster. This is important if your commercial cleaning company charges by the hour.

3. How Do You Dispose of Business Waste?

Sustainability is now a key priority for the U.S. business cleaning industry. There is a push across the sector for lower carbon footprints. Clients want safer bio-based products and less environmental damage.

Ask your commercial cleaning company how they reduce their environmental impact.

Confidential waste must be destroyed in a secure manner. Only certain office cleaning companies have the training to do this. If your business deals with personal data, check that your cleaning company can dispose of it.

4. Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Certified and Insured?

The Cleaning Management Industry Standard (CMIS) certification is a mark of quality. It shows a commitment to customer service, efficiency, and organizational excellence.

Liability insurance is essential. This protects your property or business if your cleaning company damages it.

Never work with a commercial cleaning company without insurance. If they have an accident on your property, you or your business could be liable for damages.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides salaries to ill or injured employees. It also entitles them to medical care. Make sure your commercial cleaning company offers this to their workers.

Take the Next Step to a Clean Workplace

The office cleaning industry is booming. You have plenty of options when choosing a commercial cleaning company. Asking the right questions helps you pick the best one for your business.

Product choice, sustainability, and efficiency are prime concerns right now. But remember to check insurance, training, and customer service too.

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