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4 Guitar Accessories Every Guitarist Needs

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The guitar is an instrument that has evolved over centuries, beginning with its distant cousin, the lute. However, the guitar didn’t develop into what we know it as today until the nineteenth century.

Whether you’ve just picked up the instrument or you’re a pro, there are guitar accessories you’ll need to make playing easier and more enjoyable.

If you’re unsure what instrument accessories you should invest in, keep reading for some of the must-have additional extras to help you improve your music.

1. Tuner

Unless you have a musician’s ear, it can be challenging to tune your guitar strings. Luckily, they make mechanical tuners that can help you get your guitar to the perfect pitch.

These easy-to-use devices measure the frequency of the strings as you strum them. It will then display the note on a screen, allowing you to turn the tuners at the top to adjust what frequency the strings emit.

2. Custom Picks

Whether you’re an acoustic guitarists or play exclusively electric, playing with picks is a must-have for any musician. Though some guitarists strum with their fingertips, having picks is a superior way to play.

Picks offer more control over the strings and provide a clearer sound. Similarly, the width and material of the pick can slightly change the sound of the strings, offering you plenty of options for how you want to sound.

3. Carrying Case

If you’re someone who plans on traveling often with your guitar, a carrying case is crucial to keeping your guitar and instrument accessories safe. With so many choices between soft and hard materials and prices, you’ll need to research your options.

When looking at cases, you’ll want to ensure that your choice can safely house your guitar. Anything too big and your instrument can shift around, while something too small can damage the strings and body.

4. Sturdy Stool

One of the worst things about playing is the strain it can put on your back. When standing, the guitar’s weight can leave you in pain, and sitting on unsupportive surfaces means you’ll be hunched over while playing, putting pressure and strain on your neck.

Luckily, there are stools that have low backs to help encourage the proper posture while sitting. This guitar accessory may also have hooks on the side of the chair. This offers you a place to store your guitar without leaning it on your stool where it can slip and damage the body.

Guitar Accessories You Should Invest In

Your guitar is your chance to create music and beautiful art while feeling connected to your craft. Investing in the necessary guitar parts is one way to help you improve and get better.

Though these musician accessories can be pricey, they’re well worth the price. Whether you’re buying these as a beginner or you need to find a replacement, these tools are the real deal.

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