4 Golden Rules For Building A Healthy Family Communication

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Words and actions are one of the moving factors for strengthening family relationships. You build bonds with other family members on the power of words. However, like every form of ‘relationship’, words can be destructive – causing strain in how we connect with another individual.

It’s not surprising to see why every family counselling in Singapore highlights the importance of proper family communication. It allows everyone to express their emotions, desires, and needs. Healthy communication promotes openness, understanding and an inviting atmosphere to exhibit individuality within the unit. Here are a few rules for healthy family communication.

1. Let others speak

It’s about learning how to give and take. Doing so leads to fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying communication. It can be frustrating and annoying when someone attempts to cut you in the middle of your words. Most family service centres in Singapore mark the idea of letting others speak as one of the foundational rules of having a healthy conversation.

2. Learn how to listen

Listening means giving your full attention to someone. You’re granting value to whatever things they say, whether you agree or not with your spouse or your loved one. A good listener knows how to focus on what the other person is speaking and understand what they feel.

3. Take time to think before you speak

Are these words hurtful? Are the words necessary to say? Like most therapists from local family therapy in Singapore would say, it’s crucial that we think first before we speak. Ensure the words reflect what you mean positively.

4. Always speak with the truth

Healthy family communication does not hide the truth or promotes dishonesty. Dishonesty can break trust easily. However, if it seems to cut wounds deep, having a ‘gentle truth’ helps build intimacy than being brutally honest, which can hurt someone else’s feelings.

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