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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Sobriety

A study published in 2020 found that about one in ten US adults had recovered from severe alcohol or drug addiction. If you are currently trying to discover how to stay sober, this statistic might be encouraging, as it shows that people do recover and that living a sober life is possible.

Not only is sobriety possible, but it also comes with a host of health benefits you might not be aware of. Keep reading to learn more about four health benefits of sobriety that might encourage you in your journey.

1. Improved Sleep and Energy

One of the many sobriety benefits is the ability to sleep better. Your body cannot follow its normal rhythm when it is constantly inundated with alcohol or other substances, and this prevents good rest and sleeping patterns.

When you get sober, you will begin to notice that you get restful sleep. You will also likely keep a more regular schedule while you are sober, which also lends itself to better sleep.

You will also feel your energy levels increase. This is in part due to getting better sleep, but also because alcohol and some drugs are depressants, which can make you feel lethargic. Having more energy can also lead you to make better choices, which can be helpful in all areas of life.

2. Decreased Risk of Disease

Substance abuse is directly correlated to a higher risk for multiple illnesses. These include cancer, cirrhosis, accidental overdose, stroke, hepatitis C, and more. Individuals who have a substance abuse disorder have an overall lower life expectancy.

Therefore, maintaining sobriety is extremely important on a physical level. Getting sober could be what allows you to stay healthy and live a longer life. If this sounds like a change you want to make, please get in touch with us at Harris House in St. Louis, and we would love to support you in your journey.

3. Better Mental and Emotional Health

As you likely know, one of the biggest benefits of sobriety is improved mental health. You will likely see a reduction in mood swings, and you may even experience decreased levels of anxiety and depression. You will also be less at risk for developing mental health conditions.

Your emotional health will also improve, as you begin to recover your sense of self outside your addiction. Your relationships with other people will improve as well, which will reduce stress and provide you with a sense of support.

4. Enhanced Mental Clarity and Memory

There are also cognitive benefits to sobriety. Alcohol and drugs can dull your memory and cognition, making everything feel a bit hazy. When you are sober, your memory will improve drastically, and you will feel more present in everyday life.

You will also find yourself having more clarity and better decision-making skills. This improved judgment can also lead to other health benefits, such as choosing to work out or eat healthier.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Sobriety

These are only a few of the health benefits of sobriety, not to mention the financial, relational, and other benefits that come with it. While achieving recovery is an incredibly difficult task, it is worth the effort to get yourself back and improve your quality of life.

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