3 Types of Green Gemstones

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Gemstone jewelry is trending, and its popularity is only increasing as gemstone engagement rings become more commonplace. You no longer need a diamond to stand out. Instead, you can choose a gemstone with special meanings or properties that make it a personal option, no matter what color you’re looking for.

Are you in search of green gemstones that will make everyone who sees them feel green with envy?  Read on to learn about three gorgeous green gems that look great in gemstone rings and all kinds of jewelry.

  1. Green Agate

Green agate is a gorgeous, translucent stone that can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt! It’s named for the Achates River in the Mediterranean, where it was once found in abundance. We wouldn’t see this stone in green until the Romans began to dye agate for aesthetic purposes, and even today green is a rare shade for this lovely stone!

Gemstone Meanings: Green Agate

The color green is a spiritually powerful color on its own, known for humanism and benevolence. The agate adds compassion and generosity. If you wear a green agate gemstone necklace, you might have an easier time making decisions, and it may improve your emotional flexibility

  1. Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is sometimes known as verdelite. It comes in all shades of green, but all shades tend to be rare, making this gemstone precious and unique. It can be cut into many popular shapes and styles and is an excellent alternative to the far more expensive emerald.

Gemstone Meanings: Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline has a reputation as a powerful healing stone. If you heat it or rub it to warm it up, it can become “charged,” attracting paper or particles, almost like a magnet. Eighteenth-century Dutch traders used it to pull the ash from their pipes!

Those who wear tourmaline will find their energy flows more freely. They may feel a stronger connection to nature.

  1. Jade

A more well-known stone, Jade is a popular ornamental gemstone that can be solid green or fairly translucent. It might be popular because it has existed for 570 million years! There is a great deal of folklore and mythology associated with this beautiful stone because it has been here since stories began.

Gemstone Meanings: Jade

Those who wear jade can benefit from its protection. It is said to ward off evil, especially during travel. Jade also has associations with longevity and wisdom, possibly because of its ancient reputation!

Stand Out With Green Gemstones

Whichever one of these green gemstones you prefer, you are certain to stand out from the crowd. Each stone is unique and provides the wearer with many benefits and properties. If you’re seeking wisdom, energy, or emotional flexibility, one of these stones might be the best choice for your next jewelry purchase!

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