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3 Types of Business Continuity Services

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One of the biggest data breaches was in 2013, impacting 3 billion Yahoo! accounts. Considering data breaches happen to various companies, it’s vital to have a business continuity plan. You’ll want to plan and prevent breaches that could hurt your company.

You might wonder what business continuity services are and how they can benefit your business. If this is the case, read on to better understand how they can benefit you today!

1. Recovery Procedure

Have IT Support there to help you prevent data breaches. Miami business continuity services will identify your IT system, critical business assets, contact lists, and prioritize them.

Emergencies could include the death of a key member. Have a plan in place in case this ever occurs.

There are insurance policies that you can buy for this protection. One example is key person insurance. Consider what parts of the process will be stand-alone or need other factors to work.

Have a person who will be in charge if this does occur. You’ll want a team in place to help too. Decide who will be in charge of what moving forward.

2. Data Backup

Identify potential threats and risks that your company could experience. Have backups to protect your data in a natural disaster or hack.

Backups can include off-site or on-site options. Back-ups must include legal and financial documents, insurance documents, and more. On-site allows you to use external hard drives and tape drives which are easier to get to than off-site backups.

Data management will have hardware and software to preserve information and protect against data loss. You might need a method in place to ensure this occurs. It could include financial management, production activities, and personnel management.

3. Improve Resiliency

Have multiple disaster recovery ideas in place. This will ensure that your business will still operate without interruptions.

Have recovery time objectives for applications, networks, and systems. For example, you could include agreements with third parties, have resource inventory, etc.

Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is a form of business continuity. It’s data-focused and plans on accessing data during an emergency.

Go over your plans and content with your organization to implement various strategies. Business continuity isn’t only for emergencies.

Have tests to see how your company performs. See the strengths and weaknesses of your company. IT professionals can also run tests to let you know areas for improvement.

Discuss with your company what’ll happen in an emergency. Then, have a regular test schedule and make changes along the way.

Understanding the Various Types of Business Continuity Services

After exploring the various types of business continuity services, you should better understand why they’re vital. Then, take your time getting your company ready and consider hiring an IT professional to help.

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