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3 Top Tips For Getting Branded Workwear Right

With a plethora of benefits to having branded workwear for your business, from boosting employee morale to making your brand seem trustworthy, it’s hardly surprising that so many businesses have opted to provide their employees with branded clothing.

However, because branded workwear can make such an impact on a business’ success, it’s essential that you get it right. There’s plenty of things that you need to consider when choosing and executing your branded workwear, so here are three tips to help you on your way.

Ask your employees

Before you buy your new workwear, it’s important that you ask your employees for their opinions and if they have any ideas which could improve the clothing.

We spoke to Stitch Embroidery who said: “Your employees will be the ones to wear the branded workwear, so asking them for their opinions will not only make them feel valued, but they can bring up some points which you may not have considered.”

“For example, if their work entails carrying a lot of tools, you may not have thought of adding extra pockets to the garments to make their lives easier, but it could be one of the first suggestions they make.”

Consistency is monumental

It should go without saying that your workwear should be consistent with the rest of your brand, using the same colour themes, fonts, etc., to ensure that your brand is recognisable. Once you have implemented your branded workwear, your brand will be associated with it, so you should ensure that the two have an alignment.

Similarly, once you have your branded workwear you should stick with it. Your customers will want your brand to appear trustworthy and you can achieve this by ensuring that your branded workwear is worn every day and that you don’t frequently make changes to the styles, logos, or the ways in which they’re worn.

For more on how branded clothing can benefit your brand’s identity, check out this article.

Be mindful of what your staff will be doing

In order to get workwear right, you should keep in mind all of the tasks which your employees will be carrying out. If your employees work in a particularly messy environment, they’re likely to need their clothes replacing regularly, so they would probably feel more comfortable in clothes which did not cost too much money.

On the other hand, if your employees do not work in an environment where their workwear can get easily damaged, then it could be worthwhile to invest in higher-quality clothing which, although will often be on the pricier side, should last a lot longer and not accumulate so much wear and tear.

Although appearance is important, the comfort of your staff is equally as important so, when choosing the uniforms, stay mindful of the temperatures in which they work. Jumpers and long sleeves may not be appropriate apparel in warmer temperatures, while shorts and skirts may not be appropriate in cooler work environments.

If you’re finding it to be challenging to decide on appropriate workwear for your team, read this post for some pointers.

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