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3 Tips for Writing a Eulogy You Can Present With Confidence

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When you lose a loved one, it’s easy to feel as though your world is crashing down. Though overcome with grief, you’ll still need to help lay the departed to rest.

This includes planning the funeral and, in some instances, delivering a eulogy.

However, if you’ve never had to write a eulogy before, it can be nerve-wracking. On top of the emotions you’re already experiencing, you may be stressing about penning the perfect speech and speaking in public.

If you’re in charge of writing a eulogy, you’ll want to keep reading for some of the best tips to help you send your loved one off respectfully.

1. What to Include

When it comes time to sit down to write a eulogy, there is some pertinent information you’ll want to include. This will help provide information about the recently departed’s life.

You should include their birthdate, names of family, and an overview of their life, like their childhood, education, and how they met their spouse.

Next, you’ll want to add in memories, anecdotes, and even a poem or song lyrics that the person liked. Ensure that the stories you include are respectful and appropriate. However, they can be funny and heartfelt!

2. Gather Ideas

Before you can start writing, you’ll want to sit down and narrow down what you want to include. This process can be therapeutic for some, as it allows you to look back on old memories you’ve shared with the deceased.

Whether you look through photo albums or chat with family members, this will help you narrow your focus on the facts, stories, and other information unique to them.

If you need ideas for writing a eulogy, and they had a favorite poem they put on their SuperNova headstone, you can include that in the speech.

3. Organize and Edit It

Next, you’ll want to put all of your thoughts together.

The beginning of the eulogy is where you’ll set the tone. You’ll begin by introducing the recently deceased, and you can briefly mention your relationship with them.

Next, you’ll want to get into the meat of the speech. This is where you’ll want to dive into their life and legacy. Most people cover this section in chronological order as this is where you will share the story of their life, memories, and stories.

After you organize your thoughts, you’ll want to edit the speech. This can be a challenge, as you may not want to omit anything. One of the best tips for writing a eulogy is to read the speech aloud and cut anything that seems repetitive.

Writing a Eulogy Everyone Will Remember

Losing someone you love is never easy. However, you can ensure they are laid to rest with love and respect by writing a eulogy that perfectly encapsulates their life.

Don’t forget to practice reciting your speech. Be sure to read slowly, as you may feel emotions while speaking at the funeral.

If you found this guide to writing a eulogy helpful in your time of loss, you’ll want to visit the rest of our website. There, you can find more lifestyle tips and tricks.

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